New Space Force Military Uniforms

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    Are people really so stupid as to think if you join the Space Force, you'll actually be going to space?
    That's like thinking, "If I join the Air Force, I'll be flying aircraft."
    The uniform itself looks familiar. It’s called Operational Camouflage Pattern or OCP and is currently worn by troops in the Army and the Air Force. That wasn’t a coincidence.
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    If outer space were real, wouldn't there be better so called Space Force uniforms?
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    Well, it will provide for future manned warships in space at some point in the future.

    There is a huge amount of teasing going on ranging from Darth Vader's glossy chrome black suit to the white storm troopers no one can hit in a packed corridor and so forth. Battle of Endor and it's camo seems to feature in the teasing.

    All of that will settle down in time. We are working on weaponizing space anyway. Way beyond Reagan's little fantasy of star wars shield in the cold war days that caused the USSR to Bankrupt themselves.

    We are going to get a taste of how important space is to us via our loss of GPS due to exercise conditions vs the 4th Strike Carrier group off the coast of Georgia right now. NOTAMS have gone up already expecting GPS to go away between Virginia and Cuba and Cuba back to Alabama. And deep into Tennessee for several days as those US Military assets able to do so tries to take out the carrier group electronically. If they can achieve that then they will have to try and fight under EMCon or use other assets where possible to continue to exercise the battle scenario etc.

    Russia has completed several national exercises where they simply disconnected entirely from space GPS and other assets assuming it's been destroyed. They have in place back up that can be put into space for battle purposes and it will assist them in a variety of things. Such as finding a US Carrier for example so that their Bastion Onyx Missile Land Launchers can simply bury the battle fleet and eliminate the carrier by saturation of hundreds if not thousands of missiles. Our crusiers run out of missiles and the rest sink everyone. Thats not to say we are defenseless, Darpa has been very busy as of late.

    Israeli has introduced special devices that if it goes onto a missile or bomb and then fired or dropped towards a target of a Nation state such as the Russian S500 for example and it's GPS is destroyed, at that point the weapon will shift to a form of advanced math and attempt to complete the strike essentially counting numbers until time to detonate.

    GPS is wonderful and almost magical. However if you know how to fall back on the old time navigtaion such as dead reckoning or shooting stars or sun at local noon, you will do ok. Kinda difficult to jam pen and paper charts.
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    Does the camo work to hide you if you are sitting at a desk in an office?
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    This is why I still carry an atlas.
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