New York City Truck Route Map - 2011 / 2012

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    Feb 19, 2009
    I mentioned in a tech-section thread that I would order up some of the free paper copies of the NYC truck route map to see if their webmaster simply hasn't updated the ordering page to say "2011/2012" version instead of what it (still) says - 2010 version.

    The good news is that it is indeed the 2011/2012 version that you get, so don't worry that it still says 2010 on the ordering page.

    For those who haven't seen it before in other threads here, this is an AWESOME reference tool if you ever drive commercially in the NYC. The new version has been published and as always is FREE and sent to your house by the city in about 10 days. There is an electronic (PDF) version of it for download at their site as well.

    The link is:

    - Don
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    Feb 15, 2006
    I do LTL work and this is excellent to have. I dont move unless I know where my delivery is and the truck route to get there. NYC truck enforcement guys are no fun, and the fine is pretty steep.

    Not to mention if you get off a truck route, you can possibly get into some super hairy situations with super low clearance areas and places you cant turn or maneuver.

    If you ever go to NYC, you definitely need this