North american owner operators, strike?

Discussion in 'Truckers Strike Forum' started by Hawkeye001, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Nov 27, 2008
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    There has been many previous threads discussing the topic of national strikes by truckers. Some saying "rah rah, lets do it", others saying "why bother" or "it won't happen".

    These attitudes, all mixed, is what will be the death of the Independant truckers of our land.

    We all have the same basic beliefs:

    Freight is getting few and far between...

    Freight rates are getting lower and lower...

    Operating costs are not getting any cheaper...

    Profits are almost non-existant.

    Truckers have been dropping their trucks and trailers off at their banks or dealers even before they're coming to get them.

    How long do we wait, how close do we get to loosing our shirts and our homes.

    How long before it takes its toll on our families, if it isn't already.

    When was the last time you said to your spouse, we'll make it, or, things will change.

    It's time to start saying NO!

    Say NO to cheap freight!:biggrin_25516:
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  2. PharmPhail

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    Nov 7, 2008
    You can strike over work conditions at a single employer, or maybe even to influence legislation, but I don't see how you can strike against general economic forces.

    The solution really seems easier than a strike, you just have to get everyone to agree not to pull freight under a certain price. But, you can't even get everyone on this tiny forum to agree to that so good luck!
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  3. latanea

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    say no to cheap freight...

    unfortunately - for most guys leased on to a "company" - that is all they have.

    90% of the O/O's out there have no idea what the bills actually pay.


    I have a guy who uses me as his secondary - and his last load paid 1.44 a mile...

    the load bills paid me 2.12 - and I took my cut - pluse brokerage fees...

    VERY little freight is being moved for under 2 bucks a mile -

    the thing is that most drivers are not getting their cut.
  4. dancnoone

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    May 6, 2007
    No O/O in his right mind will strike right now. He may park his truck for awhile. But strike...NO.

    Large fleets have cut back up to 30%. How long to you really think it will take them to ramp up enough trucks to cover those "lost" loads.

    A week? Maybe less.
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  5. latanea

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    Sep 21, 2007
    cincinnati (sharonville)

    you HAVE to first be organized (which truckers on the open road are not) - and without said organization - and representation - any attempt at a strike will just result in lost wages -
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