North Dakota Conditions

Discussion in 'Trucking Jobs' started by KJlady, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. itsMeFred

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    Jan 12, 2012
    NW Kansas
    And mine works out of Minot.

    The pace is a little slower there. It's still a rush-hour everywhere along Hwy2 from 5-7AM and 5-7PM, or thereabouts, as a lot of guys commute west. But it's not Williston. It's also a larger city with more amenities.
    Housing is still quite expensive, but it's at least somewhat available.

    This thread is nearly a year old, but most of the information hasn't changed. (BTW, if my husband were an O/O, I would never allow him to take his own truck up there!! Oil field work is even harder on a truck than hauling cattle, or working harvest fields! No way would I want OUR investment subjected to that. Drive for a company and leave your own truck at home)
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    May 31, 2012
    Tacoma, Wa
    Hey oil trucker. Thanks for the info. Not hearing good things about Blackstone. What's the name of the young man running Blackstone, if I may ask? Thanks

    My son was reffered to Blackstone. I am concerned.
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  3. jfcrzycat

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Tioga, North Dakota
    Hi. Reporting on North Dakota. We have been up here a month this year, with 2 trucks and 2 belly dumps. So far this year has been terribly slow for us, my husband and driver only got 3 days of work. Hearing the same thing from all the companies, waiting for the oil companies to get going. Last year was very different, we ran full steam from April to October.

    There are TONS of tankers on the road, and every one is looking for CDL with Tanker endorsements. It is possible we are going to park our trucks and do that if conditions don't change. If your husband has that he can get a job right away. The conditions are not much improved. Some truck stops are around Williston. Outside of Williston Ray and Tioga have truck stops, but it is very hard to find amenities such as showers. Stanley, ND truck stop has great showers, and I am sure Williston has at least one truck stop with showers. RV parks here are already booked full, and most cost about $900 or more a month for a tiny space. We have found the local parks to be ok, as we have dogs, but you have to move around every 7 days or so, park limitations. Several have electric hookups. Man-camps run from $37.50 (Tioga) on up to $100 a day, so those are tough to afford unless you have a high-paying job. I don't know what apartments cost, but travel trailers are renting for $1250 per month-ok if you can share space. I can let you know more specifics if needed. Lots of places are desperate for help-Walmart, UPS, etc. There are tons of jobs but very little housing options.
  4. dukeofearl

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    Aug 29, 2008
    I just got to Williston from Oregon and started my job search yesterday. I learned fast that you need to arrive with a lot of money, because a cheap "run down" motel room is $104 for a double. An RV spot is about half that if you can find a vacancy. The city of Williston has a new law in effect now that bans camping in your vehicle outside of an RV park, with a fine of $500 for each day of violation. So I asked around about how far I might go out of town to park my small RV in the boondocks for free, and was told where to go on the Missouri river, but all the places I was referred to are posted NO CAMPING. So as of yet I have not found any place to boondock. The locals are generally resentful of newcomers, as they dont want their town to change, but the businesses I have found to be friendly. There is actually quite a bit of fear of us newcomers, and I think this comes from the local newspapers articles about the homeless newbies camping in parking lots and cat calling the women as they walk by; this is the ruse used by the city council to push for this new law that bans camping in the city limits (a great windfall for the RV parks). So my best advice is to have the job before you come, because its so expensive living here while you wait through a job search. I met a newbie today who got hired after a quick phone interview while he was still at home in Oregon, and the employer provides some kind of housing. Also, one of the big player locally is MBI, and that company grew frustrated with the failure of Williston to help out with the housing situation, and so MBI actually built large apt complexes for their workers because they got tired of losing workers who couldn't find housing for their families. There is a small very friendly truck stop with a small restaurant (no drivers lounge) on the north edge of town by WalMart, and a LOVES truck stop further north about 17 miles. At the truck stops you might chat up the drivers of the various oil related trucks for tips on companies to avoid or those preferred. The WalMart, by the way, is the biggest I have ever seen, but is out of stock on ice and bananas and very low on beef in the meat cases, and has been for a few days; maybe they are out of stock on many other things, I dont know because my shopping list was short. WalMart is in great need of stockers and will start at $17 with no experience or up to $19 if you have experience. The grocery prices are about 10% higher than what I am used to in NE Oregon. I found great shopping at a supermarket called Economart,and they not only have ice and bananas, but they have a marvelous deli with lots of seating. The state Job Service in Williston is swamped, but they are well staffed and are very friendly and helpful. The Raymond Family Community Center allows free showers and is friendly to newbies, and is centrally located in Williston at 1102 11th St. West. For internet access, buy a cup of coffee for $2 at the Daily Addiction (coffee shop) and enjoy the comfort of sofas or sit at tables and use the wifi, this is a very friendly store at 307 Main. There is free wifi at the library and the local ATT store. Generally, its the oil field jobs that pay the big bucks, and this usually entails 12 hour work days on shifts that change at 6am and 6pm; the trucks are usually slip seated to keep them running 24 hours a day. Pay here is deceptive as is the tradition in trucking, right? So if they say $24 per hour and 84 hour weeks, you might think you will do well on the time and half for overtime, but in reality pay is usually a percentage of the load pay, and the $24 per hour would be best case scenario and of course no time and half for overtime. Hauling crude oil seems to have the best annual pay, but has the strictest hiring standards and usually requires 2 years experience with tankers. Water tankers are much easier to apply for. But most wont accept your application unless you already have the OSHA 10 hour training card in your possession, and the Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (H2S) safety training already done and card in hand. The Hazwop training is also desirable though not always mandatory. I hope this helps. Good luck. [h=1][/h]
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    Aug 8, 2012
    LaVergne, TN
    MBI approved me for hiring but said they are on a hiring freeze. They have been very good about calling and keeping me updated.
  6. UpNorth2662

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    Jul 7, 2010
    North Dakota
    Hubby hauls water in Watford City. Housing there is easing up a bit as construction is going on in a BIG way. I do know of a few rental options in the area that will be becoming available. Message me if you need more info.
  7. Nadster

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    Oct 3, 2012

    **** His name is James Henrickson word is, he's the manager/co owner.... and you should be worried if your son is trying to get a job there. There is talk that James and his wife Sara have skimmed off drivers wages, have not paid thier employee's and one of his employees who was quitting blackstone to work for their competitor stopped by the office to talk to James and was never seen or heard from again.... If you expect to see your son in the future..... tell him to work for a different company! REAL TALK!
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