Notice of being sued

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    So you admit your memory is not quite great, and you rehearse your statements? :D
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    Mm, Mm, Mmaaaayb, b, beeee....:biggrin_2551:
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    Yes, was still employed with the company, but would have still just taken the letter to them if I wasn't.
    I won't give legal advice on this matter, but I don't think you have anything to worry about because you were a company driver. The trucking company law firm may want to talk to you just to ask a few questions, but the liability is on the company, I'm pretty sure.
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    Did you snap any pics? Like of her tag number?

    Even so, you have a police report with time date and location. Your old company’s attorneys should be contacting you. They’re listed as defendants also. Lawyer up and have your lawyer deal with all of them.

    BTW, if you didn’t get out and take any pics before the idiot four left, shame on you.
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    Most company insurance policies have a $25,000.00 just take the money and go away clause not admitting any responsibility.
    A lot of scum bag lawyers file suit (even when they know their client was in the wrong) looking for this easy money.
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    Regardless of your current employment; you were 'under dispatch' at that time by your old carrier; so you are under the umbrella of their liability insurance coverage.

    Reporting this to the PD and your company was the best course of action especially since the other vehicle decided not to wait.Good job at CYA!

    Often the only 'real' name on the PD report is the driver and tha could be all that the ambulance chaser has to work with so the mention the driver, the company [if known], and John Doe and XYZ Corporatoion; an un-named corporation...they cast a wide net.

    The insurance has a duty to defend you. I had a guy who was involved in a fatality. The NJ State Police wanted ot suspend his CDL; without any 'convictions', for a period of time greater than the FMCSA would after a conviction. Insurance company sent lawyers with the driver to Trenton for the suspension hearing and the MVC decided to not suspend. The lawyers didn't want to get to court with a suspension.....
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    Aug 19, 2012
    If you value your safe driving record don’t ever drive again without a dash cam.
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    i think there is a 2 year time limit to pursue legal actions.

    lawyer up, and even though you are NOT at that employer any longer, your lawyer will advise you whether or not to notify them as well.....or maybe, they have al;ready been notified by her lawyer.

    good luck.

    next time, take LOTS of pics of EVERYTHING, including the person or persons in the other car...let the lawyer decide if that can be used in court or not.
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    May 16, 2012
    It may also be the case that your former carrier is trying to lay off some of the claimed liability onto you (regardless of whether there is any merit in the other party's claim or not). I know it seems like a slam-dunk in your favour, but DO NOT expect your former carrier or their insurer to act in your best interests... at all. They will act in their own best interests which may, or may not, coincide with yours.
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