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    Jan 25, 2019
    Do I need a ny hut permit if I have a 2500 dodge ram with a 14 Gn trailer running hotshot loads in and ny? I know it takes about 18000. Is that for the truck only combined or what
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    Dec 31, 2017
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    You need NY HUT if your truck or combination is 18001lbs or more. So if you add up your truck & trailer GVWR stickers & they equal 18001 lbs or more you need to file. It's pretty cheap. My hotshot was tagged @36k. I did the gross weight choice for simplicity. All said it cost like 1.6 cents per mile..
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    Empty Weight Method is the best way to file.

    A predecessor passed the MT weight thing along after being audited by NY.

    Make sure the total NY state miles matches the NY miles you are reporting to IFTA too....NY follows up on carriers who report NY miles to IFTA without HUT accounts...been there, done that....

    Don't forget to deduct the thruway miles before calculating the HUT!
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