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    Sep 20, 2010
    Just a reminder to members that the Oilfield Trucking Forum is intended as a place for drivers to discuss the different types of trucking jobs available in the oilfield - what does a job entail, where are they hiring, what type of housing available, etc. It's not intended as a place for prospective employees to hook up with employers, or as a place for recruiters to actively recruit our members.

    We want to keep this forum free of recruiting efforts so that drivers can discuss the opportunities that are available without it being taken over by recruiters. We want it to remain a place for drivers to have honest discussions about jobs without any recruiting propaganda. Quite frankly, much of that recruiting propaganda often turns out to be disingenuous at best, dishonest at worst, and we don't want our members subjected to that.

    However, we do understand that many of you are looking for work and that there are also company representatives that come here looking for drivers. We certainly want everyone that is looking for a job to find it - we just need you to respect the rules for the forums and be sure that you are posting in the correct forum if you are looking for work, or if you are a company looking for employees.

    Any driver who is looking for work is encouraged to use our Seek Employment Forum:


    Start a thread and tell a little about yourself, including how to contact you. I would encourage you to somehow use the term 'oilfield' in the thread title if that is the type of work that you are specifically looking for.

    Also, oilfield trucking companies can each have one free ad in our Jobs Forum:


    The rules for that forum require that companies provide their company name, as well as a company phone number. This helps us weed out the third-party recruiters who are only after drivers because they get paid by the head. It would also be a good idea for companies interested in posting in the Jobs Forum to use the term 'oilfield' in the thread title - something more specific would be even better. This will help you to weed out the members who are looking for OTR work.

    For both of those forums, please note that each post will have to be manually approved by a staff member before it posts, so there might be a lag between the time that you submit it and the time that you actually see it. Please be patient and give us time to review the post instead of submitting it again. Also, because of these manual reviews, we try to limit discussion in those forums to posts that are specifically about the particular job details.

    As previously stated, we want all of you to find the job that you are looking for. We just need to be sure that the Oilfield Trucking Forum isn't taken over by recruiters and their recruiting efforts, and that all of those remain in the Jobs and Seek Employment Forums. Thanks for your cooperation.
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