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Discussion in 'USF Glen Moore' started by dryfus, Oct 23, 2008.

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    OK, I work for Glen Moore. I have been here since Jevic went under and I lost my job. They suck! I am starting to look again I can't take it anymore. I have been holding out because of the economy and everything, but I have 2 kids under four years old and my wife is pregnant, so a third on the way. My Dispatcher, Heather, sucks. I am a Southeast regional driver. I never get homewhen I hired on I was told 5 days out 2 home. Then after two weeks and that didn't happen, I was told tough.. the handbook you have is the old one and it says 6 out 1 home and that is what you get. And believe me, if I even got that it would be amazing. I have only seen the promised 2375 once. most have been 1600 - 1800 miles. I put in for home time for a doctors appointment, they sent me the other direction and then said oh well, there isn't like a magical load to get you home. I was 100 miles from the house. I can't believe I gave New Jersey unemployment for this crap company. I have ran into 6 drivers that used to drive for Holland, when they were laid off they came here. We are not union and boy the way they treat you it shows. I found out from the main office dispatch that one of the diapatchers is married to Saftey manager in Knoxville and the other woman dispatcher is fooling around with the knoxville terminal manager, there is really no one that can help with anything. And when you do say something about your miles, they say "this company doesn't need you, if your not happy leave." I guess they don't realize the truck drivers are what keeps them in business, without us there wouldn't be a Glen Moore. I have 20 years of driving the road and the dumb idiot dispatcher with 5 months experience told me I didn't know anything about trucking.......so if that doesn't sum Glen Moore up!!
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    Aug 4, 2008
    Let me check my logbook
    Sounds like a rough time there. Good luck finding something better. Then again, it wouldn't take much to be better than that. My hubby runs OTR and has less problems getting home!
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    I hope that you find something closer to home. Before your wife goes into labor. Man, companies like this need a swift kick in the you - know - what. [​IMG]
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    i couldnt agree with you more, most of these companies that do this need a good kick in there stinky equator to get em back in line
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