One dead, ten injured in seven-vehicle wreck

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    One dead, ten injured in seven-vehicle wreck
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    As Well More Frivolity:

    Just another "nice guy" sharing his apparent naturally turbulent attitude:
    Truck driver charged in Illinois for opening fire on another semi on I-294

    No One Around:
    Motorist jumps into action when he realizes wrecked driver had “nobody there”

    For Y'All Hauling Formula:
    FMCSA issues emergency regulation waiver in response to baby formula shortage

    Where's Your Florida Rig:
    VIDEO: Police hunting for two rigs stolen from FL business

    Another NEGLECTED Parking Brake genius:
    Trucking dog, rig, roll away when driver hops out to snag a sandwich
    Proofreading is a LOST SKILL.
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