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Discussion in 'Canadian Truckers Forum' started by GTA-Z, Nov 13, 2019.

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    Nov 12, 2019
    Hey everyone so I finally decided to bust through the doors and make an account after lurking in the shadows. I’m currently in the midst of getting my AZ but dump trucks have peaked my interest quite a bit.

    Does anyone have any insight on the dump truck market during this time of year? I’m concerned that companies aren’t hiring new dump trucks drivers or aren’t willing to train in manual. Plan B is go break my back and really earn my worth over in the food service industry.

    Also I’m 23, if that matters.

    Appreciate any feedback !
  2. Canadianhauler21

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    May 15, 2017
    Ontario, Canada
    Dump truck is kinda slow in the winter, I did it a bit last year. The guy I worked for didn't really work much in the winter because apparently dirt can freeze in the box and it's hard to dig out of the ground. There is snow removal which I think is great if you find a company that does that. Not sure what the idea of it was, I only did it for about a week.

    You are right on the case of nobody training new drivers especially during the winter, it's fairly risky. Under 25 is difficult to find a decent job in general due to high insurance, I'm 22 and struggled to get insurance from small companies. It's best to get some normal tractor trailer experience before going dump, you may find someone willing to take you on depending on where you look.

    That's just my opinion/feedback.
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