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Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by telcobilly, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Not saying it wasn't a valid ticket, just have a few questions. I got a ticket in West Sacramento for being 7' over-length. Because I didn't go off of qc directions, I own the ticket. Per the LEO, there are no points and it isn't a moving violation. To have it handled by a trucking lawyer is $249 or to pay it, it's $179. I'm assuming it better to just pay it and have it on my record?

    Just to add to this, I feel like it was a poorly marked trap to pick-off truckers coming to the many DC's there...
  2. Ridgerunner665

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    Apr 27, 2009
    I recently paid $271 to get out of a $170 ticket...

    PROTECT YOUR CDL...it is your livelihood.
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    :smt071You gots to be ever so careful in Ca. Length limit is 65' except on interstate highway or State route with those small blue/white signs that say 'Terminal' or 'Service' allowed. Actually they say 'T' or 'S'. They like to grab you especially on US 101 crossing the Golden Gate Bridge north of San Fran. The problem with the lawyer thing is there is no guarantee he will get you off.
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    How do you know the ticket is $179? Did you get this from the officer or the court? Officers in California have a nasty habit of telling you a substatial lesser amount. Bitter voice of experience.
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    Both California and Idaho are 65/48 length states. 53 ft trailers are only allowed on specified routes in California. Sacramento, West Sacramento and Tracy are 3 hotspots for overlength citations. Idaho requires an overlength permit on all routes (except Interstate Highways) for a 53 ft trailer and additional county permits for selcted routes. Get stopped in Idaho and ask your dispatcher for a pilot car. You will probably be OOS until you get one.
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    I hate california, glad I will probably never need to drive a truck there again.

  7. telcobilly

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    I called the court and got that amount. The LEO's ballpark was $100, told him I was a poor, low paid trucker and he said,"guess you should obey the laws"
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    LOL:biggrin_2559: Guess you should at that.
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    I got handed an overlength in VT (VT hwy 9, I think it was). I fought and won, though - there were no warning signs, or any other indication that it was a limited-length route. When I mentioned that fact to the issuing officer, he commented that "it's noted as such in the front of your trucker's atlas".

    Ummmm.. No it's not (I pointed out).

    He wrote out the ticket anyway.

    In any event, I wrote to the court and the judge (or whomever) agreed with me and tossed the ticket. I didn't even have to make an appearance (for which I am grateful, since I live in Denver and VT is more than an hour away)

    (not that it matters, but I was on my dispatched route. I let the DM know what was happening. I think the route has been changed, but I regret that. It was a beautiful drive)

    Generally speaking: ALWAYS fight a ticket.
  10. telcobilly

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    Sep 30, 2008
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    I have been to ID several times and always make sure I have the permit when I'm off the freeways. I drove from Lewiston down to Las Vegas mostly secondary roads, I had to conform to vehicle length formula which put me overweight on the drives, the scales give you a pass due to this, it had to be fixed after I got on the freeway, by keeping my fuel at the 1/2 way mark.

    I'm trying to figure out the signs that I missed, the LEO said it was marked on the exit from the freeway in W. Sac, either I missed it or he is full of it. Good to know about those other hotspots! thanks..
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