Owner Operator in PA looking for sales tax or registration tax help ask here

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    Jul 19, 2021
    Owner Operator in PA with a EIN and a MC number looking for sales tax help, ask here as i can help .
    I'm From Pa and just started a LLC, truck for hire business with my MC Number and found out that you don't pay sales tax on any truck you buy for your company and any service or parts you buy for your company truck is tax free as well. I was looking for this info and could not find it so i post here if this been talked before i can remove just trying to help people that don't know. i uploaded 4 forms that can help the rev-1220 select option 5 and use dot mc/mx and write your mc number and file out your company info on the bottom. The top part is for the shop or dealer sales you your service or parts. The FS-MV1 And FS-MV4ST is when you buy the truck and go register it and then you fill that out and you don't pay sales tax on truck.

    ( PS This information is on what I found I'm not a lawyer and this info is for your taking as this is free non paid info i provide from my research from online. I would not be liable for any info i provide here as this is free info ).

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