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  1. talltrucker61

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    May 28, 2024
    Robstown Texas
    So after 34 years of driving OTR (13 as an O/O for Landstar), I've settled into a final retirement job. While I'm not happy driving a P.O.S. JB Hunt truck that only goes 62 mph, I've got a dedicated run that gets me home 3 days a week and I still gross about $1800/week.
    Recently I purchased a 2024 Promaster 3500 High Roof. I really like it and it fits my 6 foot 11 inch frame. Last month I leased it on with UPS SCS, because they don't require you to be exclusive and I can do it part time. JB KHunt doesn't care because it doesn't fall under the Hours Of Service. but I'm only making about $50-$75 a week doing local stuff. I found a Load board app for your phone called Empire Loads. But it requires an MC number. After researching the requirements for the cost of getting my own MC#, I chose not to.
    So I'm asking if anyone knows a company that will allow me to lease it on non exclusively and part time or at ;least use their MC# for a fee?
    Thank You
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