Passed my cdl road exam today! Figured I’d share my experience

Discussion in 'Trucking Schools and CDL Training Forum' started by Bill Q, Jan 6, 2022.

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    Edt* meant to post in the new drivers sub, not the schooling but I don’t know how to move it. Sorry

    So I started this process in September and with the multiple endorsement trips, hazmat identgo it took me until mid October to get behind the wheel of a beat up, run down flatbed with manual transmission. Did alright, decent amount of road driving and minimal parking maneuvers. Let me preface the following by saying I have no school or schooling, I just decided to do this.

    appointment was scheduled first week in January and I had to take it, I was stressing the February changes, my buddy just stressing the getting in and getting a feel.. if I fail I fail type of deal, come back two weeks.

    well on my way in the lot is empty but I see three cones out and assume right that it’s the 100ft straight backing. Nobody is out side, unsure if they even knew we were there. With that being said, I wanted to get the trailer and tractor as straight as possible so I was doing my thing, partner said use all the room you need to back up and readjust, and then THUMP. took out the first cone but the test had t started yet and I don’t know who saw it. Not a good start..

    go to in cab, do it all good enough to rack the points and pass. Forgot the directional s since we had just completed the actual light test from the outside. Smoked the air brake test. Got form b, started at the side door. Back to the no schooling part, I’ve been watching these videos with these militant type dudes, I really thought I was going to be in some boot camp type of setting. “You didn’t use three points of contact on your exit, fail!” It wasn’t like that at all, super laid back. Pointed to things, touched some things, said quite a bit and was stopped. Good to go.

    on to the maneuvers. Straight backing, too easy. Offset right, one pull up. Then I was doing and feeling well was hoping we’d go for a ride then I heard the dreaded alley docking. Vicious is all I can say. I did pass, drove great, and now I have my unrestricted a just need a to find a dmv that is open during this blomicron variant and the new flurona to actually get my license and start driving.

    moral of the story, if you are stressing the pre trio and the maneuvers you shouldn’t. I was fully expecting to get back handed for a minor mistake after watching some videos. The evaluator was super chill, not stressing me out and let me take my time.

    just wanted to share my experience, if anyone has any questions fire away. Just proud to have taken knowledge from this site and the millions of videos to work through everything and get a first time go.
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