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    We are giving our members their own PERSONAL TITLES for their profiles.

    A personal title can be trucking related, to a hobby, or something that describes you or your personality, whatever you can come up with that is appropriate. This Title would appear where you see these titles on your profile.

    Bobtail Member
    Four Wheeler
    Light Load Member
    Medium Load Member
    Heavy Load Member
    Road Train Member

    For instance:

    Notarps is the Professor of Mischief

    GuysLady is Goddess of Chaos & Confusion

    Snazzy is the Storyteller

    Buck and a half is Mr. Miles and Miles and Many Smiles

    Scarecrow03 is Brainless Advisor

    and so on...........................

    If you would like a PERSONAL TITLE...Please PM me, and I will make it happen.


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