Peterbuilt. Brass tacts question.

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by Bigwin123, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. Bigwin123

    Bigwin123 Medium Load Member

    Nov 22, 2019
    Genuinely I want a petebuilt. Not for the resell value. But because thats what I want.
    The plan is to switch to skate board during the summer and box in the winter.

    Problem im running into is I live in the mountains. And keep hereing 4.6 to 5.3 mpg is the norm.
    Is this right.? Other than light frieght. Can I make it better or should I keep looking at the frieght shakers?
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  3. 86scotty

    86scotty Road Train Member

    Aug 27, 2017
    That's what I've always heard. You could look a little less cool and get double that with a newer truck. What's the end goal here, look cool or keep the money you make?
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  4. Rubber duck kw

    Rubber duck kw Road Train Member

    Dec 9, 2017
    It's all in how you drive it. I've been doing 6 mpg pulling my hopper around at 90k pounds, and I don’t putter around at 60 mph either. That's in the midwest though no mountains. If you want a large car get one, there's no point in owning a truck that you don't want or don't like. You may have to work more to make the same money as a guy driving Cascadia, that's the tradeoff you make and entirely up to you whether it's worth it or not. There's always going to be Freightliner drivers who think you're dumb, stupid, or compensating for something.
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  5. bad-luck

    bad-luck Road Train Member

    Nov 16, 2013
    Baltimore, Maryland
    What year truck are you looking at? If you live in the mountains and that is the area you're primarily running in it doesn't matter what type of truck you have your fuel mileage is going to suffer
  6. w9l

    w9l Light Load Member

    Oct 12, 2013
    I hear all these wonderful mpg numbers of the new curbsniffer trucks. Then I hear about the cost and downtime often involved in maintaining the emissions systems and such.... Just depends on what you really want to wake up to and deal with on a daily basis.
  7. Brettj3876

    Brettj3876 Road Train Member

    Running the 81 corridor in pa and ny im always in hill country. The truck in my avatar hardly dips below 7mpg and the other 1999 we run is a steady 6.3-6.5

    I know apples to oranges comparison since we're running little baby 11.9L Lol
  8. Ffx95

    Ffx95 Heavy Load Member

    May 18, 2017
    I get about 7.2-7.5 fully loaded on pa but it starts dropping in NY cause the cops like to stop you for riding hills where’s as after Scranton going north you barely see cops maybe cause the roads are terrible.
  9. Brettj3876

    Brettj3876 Road Train Member

    Lol true that. I live a few miles off exit 230. I always get off 223 the New Milford exit. Refuse to run anymore of the rough than i have to
  10. Bigwin123

    Bigwin123 Medium Load Member

    Nov 22, 2019
    I live in Maine. So it all up hill from Indy.
    Plan is to load up and head to the flats. And then be home by day twenty five.
    But even at 6.3- 6.5. I think would be alright.
    I'm not to worried about what others think of me and a new to me truck. I'm worried about being able to afford fuel to get home.
    Some one told me to avoid ct. And pa. Because no matter the fuel cost, the road tax would be a killer.
    But I'm not even that far into my journey yet.
    Leasing with land star.I can Deffinetly work with. 6.3 and up. Thanks every one who responded and will continue. Till this thread fades to the back
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  11. dclerici1

    dclerici1 Medium Load Member

    Aug 1, 2012
    Are you a company driver now?
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