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  1. Boundtransport

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    Nov 1, 2018
    OK so I finally got to use my twic card. They do things very different inside of ports. I’m doing a power only moving a trailer and container total weight 54klbs assuming the product weighs about 38klbs according the broker I can’t adjust tandems on trailer. How's does that affect going thru scales?
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  2. JonJon78

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    Jul 1, 2018
    What do you mean?
  3. Frontman

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    Apr 4, 2012
    'moving a trailer and container'

    Do you mean chassis and container .. container sitting on chassis?
  4. Boundtransport

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    Nov 1, 2018
    Yes sorry was writing this at a bad time Container sitting on a chassis.
  5. ZVar

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Flint, MI
    It affects you the same way any hauling affects you. The moment you pull on a public road you have to be legal. No scale? Not the officers problem....
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  6. Tug Toy

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    Jul 4, 2015
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    I thought that if you haul a container you can just blow all the scales?

    That’s what they do in Chicago.
  7. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    You purchase a overweight container permit for the state you are getting them in. And also from each state you intend to run it.

    For example Port East issued me first a 100,000 pound gross permit for Maryland and Virginia and later I found a card for 110,000 in both Maryland and Virginia. Since i am a 40 foot container on a short wheel base walking mack its guaranteed it's overgross and overaxle and so forth. Virgina usually writes against Company, Maryland I think writes against me. The driver. For anything over the permit card weight in your cab.

    I suspect for a few dollars more Mr Tightwad could have purchased a 150,000 gross and be done with all problems like the one day I lurched onto and then dropped the Stephens City Platorm north bound under a 134500 load that was the very last tick tock off the electronic load cells as they were being crushed As me, my truck and trailer plus entire platform fell almost two feet onto the basement steel skeleton below. I don't know how deep it is down there but I see it as my new birthday.

    I presented Virgina with a 100,000 card. They just leaned collectively one each other and long table and just howled for 5 minutes. Hysterical everything. Must have been the straw on a camels back to them. Wotsdischild? Itaintgetoutofjailfreecard.

    HAHAHAHAHA echoed through the valleys of that Shenandoah Range. They sing ye rolling river. I prefer to sing my spending fine blues. Theoratical weight total borders on 155000 give or take 5 to 10K. Values that high destroys the truck at anything over 25 mph. Starting with the front end and working back with bearings next followed by suspension and brake pads plus wheel drums around them. Some of the Pyrometer temperature values exceeded 1650 against it's peg for way more than 5 minutes, approximately a total of one hour and 20 minutes burn time. That is what probably killed the engine. However she did do it all the way to Baltimore. Viva la Mack!

    The entire load for me a newbie, literaly untrained in live loading, deciding load matrix of pallets positoning, counts layers and on floor counts and so forth. I knew nothing at all. The Harrisonburg meat plant contributes to my neglect via no assistance. Because they had 5 court ordered Juvies on their dock to champerone and chivvy all day. I show up and guess what. They made me the pied piper telling the 5 not to worry will be done fast. Kids like the song fast...

    One asked how many?

    To conceal the fact I don't know a #### thing about the load don't know the cargo weight, don't know the case count, don't know the type of product, don't know the temp it needs to be at (Yes its cold enough when your hand crackles leaving that frosted metal...)

    Im frozen in fear knowing the very next thing out of my mouth will assure the whole wide world that I am a fraud. a untrained monkey, why do I even wear this CAT hat? (In a Mack of all things... so sad... actually pathetic...)

    "Load that to this red line up there"

    All 4 walls of the reefer had a redline marked 1 foot from ceiling. Do not load higher.

    Then: (The kicker...)

    How much weight do you want? From the Dock boss.
    (WTF... you don't even know your current European order of this crap by weight? And you ask ME how much?)

    Losing temper by degrees like a falling person slips through fingers trying to save him or her...

    "I don't give a ####. They are finished loading when boxes hide that redline up there."

    He jerked in place as if he got hit very badly where it hurt eyes big as saucers as he assessed my answer and it's implications. uh,...

    "Sir, what part of my last answer do you not understand. Get the cargo out, the sooner these kids are finished the sooner we are all out of here."
    Such hubris. Unprofessional, total lack of knowledge of weight to start off and descending towards destructing trucks, bridges and possibly pavement. All of these became nightmares while I chain smoked and paced.

    20 minutes later "Are you counting this?"

    I snapped. "You dont to seem to care what if any of this makes it to Europe. I don't have the training to count a #### thing. This trailer is done loaded at the red line. Leave us alone until it's time to get papers and sign it."

    Imagine what chaos is possible in trucking when the entire nation has no rules at the dock at all. Just have the person up there throw the stuff into the truck, slam the doors, fire the reefer and go. Weights?> Ha... not revelant, how many shipped? Who cares. And so on. With obvious implciations for our Economy against the west german marks.

    Im pretty sure somewhere someone regrets sending a flat newbie into a place like that with nothing at all. Nothing.
    Tractor was totaled in Baltimore. Maryland scales were open requiring a lawful re routing through the hills and the woods.
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  8. p608

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    Nov 10, 2016
    I sure would like to know who your pharmacist is.
  9. Frontman

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    Apr 4, 2012
    If your in doubt, always scale it if possible.

    Our experience will tell you by how it pulls and you can look at your tires before ever wheeling with it.

    No experience, scale it. Or be ready to pay fine if caught.

    Most front office folks want pay fines if you had the chance to scale it .. I can hear'm .. drivers fault.

    And they would be right.
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