possible team? KY female seeks exp non-smoker female co-driver for nights

Discussion in 'Drivers Looking for a Team Driver' started by car7r, May 18, 2020.

  1. car7r

    car7r Bobtail Member

    Nov 4, 2017
    hello all,
    just reaching out & getting ideas & information. not ready to act on anything tomorrow but am serious about teaming, with the right partner of course. in terms of a rough timeline maybe ready to be hired by end of June or July.

    female driver here looking for another female runner who is experienced, knows what they're doing, is easy to get along with & who might be interested in going to a company together. looking for a night driver partner. someone who prefers nights, as in that's the shift they love. i know you're out there! i'm at 100% from early morning to evening. dealing with the customer & traffic doesn't bother me. i will do any duties or driving that falls on my shift no problem. if i happen to drive 650 miles & you only do 100 miles due to the way the load happened to play out oh well, not a biggie to me. whatever work falls on each of our shifts is what falls on each of our shifts.

    i'm in KY & i've been out of trucking for 2 yrs & am wanting to re-enter. so i need training. i have 2.8 yrs exp total w/clean MVR, background. i am allergic to smoke. am hygienic & take job seriously. if we are compatible can make some great money & recover from all this pandemic financial drain stuff lol. i have a feeling the need for teams hauling essentials wil be around for awhile! the reason i prefer teaming is for safety, it's like having a second log book & i feel the safest way to team is by running 12 hour shifts each, me day & you night. if you know of companies pls lets talk. i have a few in mind too. so if interested pls mssg me! Thanks
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  3. yellorose

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    Apr 24, 2020
    Hi I am in Ohio looking for a team driver as well I do love to drive nights so that's not a problem for me my last run as a solo was 320 miles swap and drop and drive 320 miles back I am a non smoker and keep a clean truck I have over a million safe miles I have a clean MVR background as well I have been away from trucking and hoping to get back into it I'm not sure where you live in Ky. but I am close to Ohio river on the Ohio side I could meet with you just let me know where I have a couple of companies in mind I have driven in 48 states some more than others My email is suetrimble@rocketmail.com Look forward to hearing from you
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