Premier Global Transportation 1252 OH-28, Milford, OH

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    Oct 4, 2013
    I looked and did not see a previous posting for this company but thought it might be of mention after researching. We called on a load with these folks. We came to an accord on the load and in researching this company, we noticed their Google Reviews. WOW. Please check them out yourself.

    For you people that have been taken:
    1. If they short paid you:
      1. Call the shipper and consignee. Tell them that you are looking to be paid because the broker "Name them" short paid you and that they (Shipper/Consignee) are responsible even if they have already paid the broker. - You will likely be directed to the ACTUAL broker. Reach out to them and inform of the double brokering. If you catch it before the 2nd broker has been paid, the original might pay you in full and cut the double,out.
      2. After 1, IF you have not been paid, file a single small claims against the shipper, consignee and the broker. PERIOD. - The shipper and consignee will be furious. IF the shipper paid for the freight, they will be embarrassed when their customer calls. It looks like they can't handle their ####. The responsible party will be FURIOUS with their broker and heads will roll. Even if the broker claims that it is in the contract, the shipper will not want repeated lawsuits that are not their fault. In this case, you will likely get a payment from the broker and the "We will never use you again". Yeah. . . OK.
    These have worked very well for me over the years.

    We had a load with Benntech. They went belly up. I reached out to Kim-Tam (A Samuel & Son) company. They said "We already paid the broker and we will not double pay for this. I sent them this court case and filed yesterday. Read this. It is important that you all know this. You do NOT have to take this crap.

    a. Exel Transp. Services, Inc. v. Csx Lines LLC, 280 F. Supp. 2d 617 (S.D. Tex. 2003) - 6. Conclusion.

    The bedrock rule of carriage cases is that, absent malfeasance, the carrier gets paid. It is superficially unfair that Exel and Marriott must pay for the shipments twice. However, allowing them the benefit of carriage without compensating the carrier would eventually cripple the shipping industry, and the economy generally, as carriers devoted their time to investigating potential customers. The entire point of the tariff regime promoting commerce by removing shippers' credit-worthiness from a carrier's list of concerns would be eviscerated.

    CSX's tariff indicated Marriott's liability as shipper and consignee. CSX neither released Exel from liability nor misrepresented Cab's payments. It is Exel's responsibility to choose a subcontractor that can forward money as well as freight; it is not CSX's responsibility to investigate every company that wants to ship goods at CSX's tariff rates. Marriott and Exel are liable for CSX's unpaid shipping charges.
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