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Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by powercatfootball, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Jun 15, 2010
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    I used to dock trailers for a local business, and always wanted to take my CDL. Reading through my state's CDL handbook, I came across "must not be under the influence of any controlled substance."
    I've been taking Oxycodone for about a year now. I'm concerned that if I list this medication as one I'm currently taking, that I will fail the physical. I've read through the forums quite a bit, and haven't really found a solid answer. I only take the medication when the pain is unbearable (not every day). Does simply having it on the form kill my chances at passing? Please help me to understand this. Is there any way to protect my access to this much needed medication, and still pass the physical, or do I have to completely cut ties? I've dreamt of driving cross country for years-I would simply deal with the pain so I could drive if it were my only option. I appreciate any cleared smoke on this issue.
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    There are different classes of drugs on the list.. Talk to the pharmacist who fills it and ask first of all. The answers may surprise you. I don't know the specifics on oxycodone other than it may cause drowsiness.

    The only ones there is no question about are the illegal drugs. No amount of those drugs is allowed. The company or their insurance may not allow drugs in other classes but the CDL itself is not necessarily denied because you are using a prescription drug under a doctor's orders.
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    Generally speaking, if it is a prescribed drug, it will be ok as far as your CDL. Whether a company will hire you is another question.
    If you take any prescription drug that is not prescribed to you, you are using illegal drugs. So as an example, I take Neproxin. it's an anti inflamatory. If I give it to someone else to use, they are using illegal drugs. However, if I disclose it to my employer and show my prescription, even tho it shows up in a drug test, I am legal.
    Any drug that could impair your ability to drive will be under scrutiny by any employer, including Oxycodone.
    It's handled in a case by case basis.
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    The two above reply's are correct.

    Oxycodone is a schedule II class drug. This means depending on its use and side effects with you individually it can be qualifying or disqualifying.

    Sorry but its just one of those drugs that "grays" things up.
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    Jun 15, 2010
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    What about Oxycontin? Have taken it for years, prescibed by my doctor.
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    Long acting Oxycodone, the above posts apply.
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    In May of 2010, I was treated to a big dose of shame and disgrace from my employer who never let on that they would be that way. No second chances, no re-training, no suspension to "think over what I did".. just straight to "You're Fired - hope you don't lose your House..!" Plus, they kept all my final pay and made me pay my own way home with all my stuff. Well I didn't lose the house cause I know enough not to put all my eggs in one basket.
    But what a hateful way for a company to treat a hard working driver bringing in tons of signed bills of lading for them to cash in.
    All over the fact that they found out I had a little Arthritis and was taking a med prescribed by the VA and approved by several Medical Card (DOT) Dr's. I never never never took the prescribed drug Hydrocodone while driving, only after work, and usually only a 1/2 a tab at that.
    I now have a better job than KR would ever have been and a new boss that believes I tell the truth.
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    You may want to talk to a lawyer about a wrongful termination suit.
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