Prime's lease deal. The math gets done.

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    Being a company driver, you don't have all the expenses like a lease or O/O. You work, drive miles you get paid.. You don't run miles you get crap pay..If you wan't to be a O/O, save up your money, get your own authority, and purchase your own equipment.. I never understood why people would want to lease on with a mega carrier, which only allows you to pull their own freight, but you have to make all the payments and repair bills, as if you actually own the equipment.. No brainer leasing any equipment from anyone Mega carrier is purely stupid.. Fine there are those who have success, but what is the percentage compared to those who don't succeed? No one can or has ever provided that info..
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    Nov 5, 2013
    It's a 95% failure rate.
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    Depending on who you're with the success rate can be 10-90%. If you follow Prime's lease program as it's written out in the paperwork they give you, you would have a 90% chance of success.

    On average every week prime has 50 trucks turned in. Out of that number 50% are lease completion, 30% are picking up the new truck they custom ordered before their lease was completed, 10% are because they couldn't make it work for them, and 10% left trucking for medical, family or retirement reasons.

    Of the ones that couldn't make it, the biggest reason is poor money management, not understanding that this is a business, and thinking their dispatcher was a travel agent.

    Driving a truck from point a to point b is literally 10% of what it takes to be successful as a business owner.
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    I think these guys no matter where when they fail to look at it like a business...they're destined to fail if they DON'T change that mindest...
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