Projected Hot Shot Industry?

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    I keep reading stories of larger trucking companies going belly up due to low freight rates? I also hear that there are not enough drivers or trucks to satisfy all of the freight that needs to be moved. I would think if the demand is that high, the rates would be good. Are these trucking companies going out of business just poorly managed? And are the Hot Shot rates staying relatively steady?
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    Trucking shortage is a myth to keep fresh meat rolling into the megas to keep up with their 100% yearly turnover rate..

    Where are you located?

    In my experience, hotshot rates are the worst on the loadboard. FL is bad in general.

    This is because everybody & their brother has a desire to run a hotshot for some reason. I mentioned this before, & I'll say it again.
    Hotshots are now being give less freight opportunities because of a lack of knowledge & professionalism. I've gone as far as sending a broker a picture of my truck to prove I drive a semi, just with a small trailer. It's freight that fits, but the shipper has had such a bad experience with hotshots, they will no longer load their freight on them. I've been told it's anything from lack of load securement ability, no PPE, bad attitudes, late, maybe one of you flipped him a bird..

    I liked running a hotshot, but scummy people ruined it. If you have lots of direct freight that works for one, by all means you can make money. I'm just ready for drop deck. Had enough of being lumped in with a group of people though because of the type of trailer I pull..
    On to bigger & better things.. :violent2:
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