Proposed truck stop just off I-78 at border of Easton and Williams Township draws praise, criticism

Discussion in 'Truck Stops' started by rickybobby, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Cattleman84

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    Nov 1, 2017
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    That parking design in the plan looks like a fuster cluck waiting to happen!!! And do they really think that trucks are really going to only park there for 3 hours or less??? Come on now... That place is going to be like most any other TS out there... Packed to the gills before the sun goes down.
  2. Studebaker Hawk

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    Oct 18, 2010
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    I cannot wait for the first minimum wage rent a cop to get his/her head bashed in when a driver is told to move on after reaching the 3 hour/ no overnight parking Prohibition required by the zoning board.
    It should take about a week...
  3. well beautiful bloomsbury's right up the road.. the once Union 76 now the crap hole ta for some 20 years almost..
    before Pilate got their hands on it in a room that I used to like Johnny's at Clinton out there at exit 14 I trashed around in and out of there for years and years
  4. Infosaur

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    I've been to that Turkey Hill with a straight truck, it's nothing special.

    In PA we have convenience stores with truck parking although nobody really spends the night at them. There's a gas station across the highway but nobody parks there either. Not to mention that fireworks place.

    They desperately need more parking in the area though. Eaton's mayor seems a little salty that since it's on the edge of his jurisdiction, he's not getting any tax money. Though there's 2-3 vacant lots downtown he could turn into truck parking. Assuming drivers could find it without hitting a bridge.

    As a local I've rarely needed to park in that area but I know a few spots within 40 minutes if I couldn't make it back to either my house or the office. None of them could handle the volume necessary. There are also big commuter lots off 33 and exit 67, but of course, no trucks allowed. Most times they're only 60% full and empty at night.[/B]
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