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    Dec 19, 2022
    Hi everyone new to the forum. I work construction mostly around the state of Colorado. I have a 2016 3500 duramax. I have been moving equipment for the GC I do most of my work through. we have a 6 ton crane is about the biggest I pull but a lot of it is through the mountains. after I had to do some repairs I need to decide a better way to be compensated for hauling. SO

    1. It is His trailer
    2. I will still be getting my hourly wage
    3. He pays for fuel
    4. I get .66 a mile on my tax return being a 1099.

    with those faceted in what do you think would be a fair rate to charge per mile to cover the ware and tear and operating cost on the vehicle and being to come out a little ahead to put some away for repairs that come up. after reading for a while is $1 per mile sound fair? again I don't really want to make a large profit of it as my wage is being taken care of just want it to be a fair number for the both of us to cover ware and tear and repairs as they come up.

    Lets say we are going off of a hot shot rate of $2 what percent of that is
    -driver wage
    - trailer expenses (water and tear, insurance etc)
    I think if I can find those percentages I can get close?

    Please let me know what you guys think
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