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    Oct 2, 2017
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    First off, I have a really bad felony on my record (attempted homicide). I’m trying to start a new career to better support my sick wife and 7 year old daughter, but there’s no point even entering school without any pre-hires. I’ve been rejected by so many companies I don’t know what to do. I got one pre-hire from Schneider right off the bat, but with all of these rejections I’m not sure they even looked at my criminal record. Should I just give up? It seems like the only companies that might hire me have horrible reputations for screwing over drivers and I honestly can’t deal with that financially. Even if I go through with it and get 6-12 months experience, would any other companies even hire me then? So discouraging, yet I’m trying to be diligent in getting started. Any help, suggestions or whatever would be greatly appreciated.
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    Apr 28, 2014
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    May 4, 2015
    Don't give up. There are places you'll get hired, Guarantee you'd get hired doing belly dumps or concrete.
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    You're hirable; that's the good news. Schnedier is a good starting place, but find out for sure if they know about your crime. Did you put it on the application? Make sure job applications are accurate so there's no surprises when you show up for your first job.
    Where is your location; we need to know the hiring area you live in. We'll give you some company names that hire felons.
    Since you need pre-hire's for school, do the online applications and check "Student" on the applications.
    Don't pay any attention to "experience required" on websites, because they all hire new cdl grads on a case by case basis.
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    I wouldnt give up. Keep trying. Couple questions, and not trying to be nosy, but how old is the felony? That will matter to companies. Also, put your city and state in your profile. @Chinatown is our resident expert on companies and he can help you find one, but he needs to know your area cause not all companies hire in all areas.
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    Forget about those big companies. They can't or won't hire you. Focus on getting your class A at a local community college. Then get a job driving a dump truck locally or whatever kind of truck really. DO NOT take a job from someone willing to exploit your situation. Figure out a way to pay for the school on your own and go from there. Some of these jobs, if you take out of desperation, you will be lucky to feed yourself. Much less your family.
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  7. slow.rider

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    Apr 4, 2017
    The more experience you get, and the older your felony gets, the easier you will be to hire.
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  8. Chinatown

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    Aug 28, 2011
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    RoadTex Transportation hires felons and I know several others; let us know your location.
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    Like others have mentioned,how old is your felony?
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  10. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
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    I think you can try a old standby work around, dump truck, harvest hopper following a combine or something. If you are in the firestorm area, they might stick you in a water truck to support firefighting operations. Grab a tanker of water from a town tower and run up to the line.

    Speaking for those who don't understand, this Nation is a very cold place for those who have paid the imposed penalties and sentances and need to be able to get back into society in some way. I am a little bit moderate in this line of thinking. However... I have certain limits to that. There are certain crimes that will not get a chance to enjoy life in my book.

    You need to be open and upfront on your applications and keep grinding away. At the same time visit your local DHS for the sake of your child. Im pretty certain there are programs that will assist that child and take some of the financial loading off you But only some.

    One time long ago I burnt bridges with the Law on the speeding stuff, some of it pretty excessive. Judge threw the gavel at me. No more OTR until the DAC burned down and that will take a few years. I worked around the DAC by joining a dump truck to pave people's driveways and build parking lots. It ended up being a wonderful 3 year time before I emigrated to Arkansas to start again OTR in Batesville with Dowdy. (Out of business...) For what's its worth He provided me with a future. Got married, became a home owner and so on.

    In the LA Produce Market I generally hire Felons to do some work in that trailer loading it by hand. They did not make much, but they made enough in a few hours time to get by, perhaps enough to eat on for a while too. However it's only a cash going, you cannot really depend on that kind of living lumping freight on the docks. But many would try it as a way to scratch out a new beginning.

    Hang in there.
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