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Discussion in 'YRC' started by Robin Williams, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Robin Williams

    Robin Williams Bobtail Member

    Oct 14, 2015
    I haven't come across a forum specific to Reddaway CITY DRIVERS or P&D under YRC so I thought I'd create one. Please keep your postings related to Reddaway CITY DRIVERS or P&D only. Don't want to go off on rabbit trails of other parts of the company such as line haul, road driver etc. Not interested in other divisions of YRC either. I've noticed a lot of mixed up forums on here, especially under YRC. Lets keep this narrowly focused to just Reddaway City Drivers or P&D. That being said, I hope this thread will help those of us wanting to research this specific area.
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  3. Robin Williams

    Robin Williams Bobtail Member

    Oct 14, 2015

    JOB TITLE: Local City Driver

    Reddaway, one of the fastest growing regional LTL transportation providers, is a team-oriented company looking for a Pick-up and Delivery Driver to safely and efficiently operate commercial motor vehicles. Drivers will load and/or unload freight at various locations and under varied conditions; therefore excellent customer service must be maintained while representing Reddaway. To those who accept our challenge, we offer:

    • Competitive Wages
    • 401k Plan*
    • Excellent Benefits Program with no benefit premium cost for employee
    • More Time At Home
    • Respected Company with Longevity
    • Team Oriented Work Environment
    • Great Training
    • Safe Driving Awards
    *Must meet specific eligibility requirements


    1. Implements safe and efficient operating procedures while meeting established schedules.
    2. Efficiently load and/or unload freight using proper freight handling equipment.
    3. Take responsibility of and secure the equipment and/or cargo.
    4. Receive and verify dispatch instructions properly.
    5. Complete daily log and all other necessary paperwork.
    6. Drop and hook trailers and change the configuration of equipment as necessary.
    7. Connect air hoses and electrical lines, install tire chains, manually crank dolly wheels, and fuel equipment.
    8. Conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspection of equipment.
    9. When hauling hazardous material determine any discrepancies in the paperwork, and verify proper placarding.
    10. Maintain and update driving and safety skills; keep CDL current with endorsements.
    11. Perform duties in a manner that promotes superior customer service within Reddaway and the industry.
    12. Communicate with supervision to receive instructions, report delays or safety hazards, and report accidents involving the driver or Company equipment.
    13. Drive trucks with a swept trailer, and clean windows and mirrors.



    1. Must be age 21 or older.
    2. Must possess a valid Class A CDL with Doubles/Triples,Tanker endorsements, and Haz Mat endorsement with TSA clearance.
    3. Must have 6 months of tractor-trailer driving experience.
    4. Must have a current Motor Vehicle Report that represents a history of safe and competent driving.
    5. Must be able to work the maximum hours allowed under D.O.T. Hours of Service Regulations on various shifts/days of the week, while maintaining outstanding attendance.
    6. Must pass an employment record, criminal background check, drug screen, physical performance test, driving test on company equipment, and a TSA Security Threat assessment.
    7. Ability to communicate with internal and external customers effectively.
    8. Must accurately and efficiently perform mathematical calculations necessary to do the work.
    9. Must meet all requirements of Sections 391 and 383 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

    Reddaway is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
    Minorities/Females/Persons with Disabilities/Protected Veterans
  4. Robin Williams

    Robin Williams Bobtail Member

    Oct 14, 2015
    Does anyone know what the average hourly starting pay is for the City Driver/P&D position?

    I've read that some locations are Union and some are not. How does this affect pay if at all?
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