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Discussion in 'Oilfield Trucking Forum' started by d o g, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Sep 20, 2010
    We seem to be seeing these bonuses being discussed more and more frequently, so I think that we need to clarify our position on soliciting referral/recruitment bonuses. Most of these solicitations are fairly benign and are done by drivers who really don't even care about the bonus - they just want to help other drivers find work. But, some of them have been more aggressive and actually aren't much different from advertising - something that is expressly forbidden by the forum rules.

    We want this to be the best site on the internet for members to discuss oilfield trucking jobs. We like the idea of drivers helping each other find jobs, so we do everything that we can to facilitate that for members. However, one thing that we don't want is for members to be subjected to recruiting efforts by company or third-party recruiters who only have a financial interest in filling seats. If we allowed that to happen, it wouldn't be long until the threads were taken over by recruiters and every member's PM inbox would be full of nothing but unwanted solicitations.

    Drivers helping each other find jobs is great - that's what we want. But, we want it to be done without any financial incentive. We're not against any member pocketing a little cash with a referral bonus, we just don't want to be part of it. The reason is actually very simple: it's really difficult/impossible to know whether someone is making the referral because it's a good company and they want to help out fellow drivers, or it's a bad company and they just want the money, or something in between.

    We realize that the vast majority of you are honest about the companies that you work for and that you would never encourage another driver to work for a company that you don't like. Certainly, most of you would never do it just for extra money. But, the fact remains that there are some people who will do that. We don't want to be in the position of policing those, so the best thing for us to do is to simply not allow any solicitation for these bonuses.

    Consequently, any member who posts a solicitation for a referral or recruitment bonus can expect to have those posts deleted. Any subsequent posts of that nature will result in that member losing certain privileges, including the privilege to use the private messaging system.

    When members come to TruckersReport and see companies being discussed, they can have every expectation that what they are reading are honest reviews by other drivers, without any commercial interest or financial incentive. We intend to keep it that way. Thank you for understanding.
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