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    Just wanted to inform all about Relco in Lockport, NY. I checked them out. For one Melonie thier recruiter/safety person will not tell you anything honestly, she will lie all together or play stupid and say she doesnt know about what your asking she will say she is new on the job, shes not she is smart like a fox but dodges your questions to get guys to come to them. Thier pay is .26 cpm with a .o3 cpm dependability bonus and a .03 safety bonus. she will tell you .32 cpm with bnuses a lie. relco has expensive health care as well too much to afford at .26cpm! They are cheap they wont put you in a motel for orientation, thier facility is an old cow/horse farm in the sticks, they made the milking parlor into bunk rooms for orientation drivers, no tv just a small childs bed for you to sleep on and unclean to boot, you must bring sheets and pillows if you want them to sleep, your truck bedding wont fit, too big seriously its a childs bed! Thier tractors are all over a million miles, they buy everyones wore out junk and paint it up to look good, its still wore out old tractors paint or no paint they break down alot. They do not have any new or omewhat new trucks at all! Im telling you all because when Priority Freight closed 2 weeks ago they bought a bunch of thier older junk tractors and are taking on some of thier old accounts, they are looking for drivers desperatly to fill those junk seats, and will lie to suck you in to orientation. STAY CLEAR! They pay nothing! Unless you like to work cheap just to be home alot, stay away from RELCO! This is one of those sleeze ball cheap companies where the owner gets rich and the driver and his family live on wellfair! They need to get in this century with our wages or we need to not work for them! We work hard for our pay we deserve a good check!

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    PRIORITY's Internationals tractors ( most were leased ) and 50 + trailers are sitting at REGIONAL TRUCK / TRAILERs 3 yards in Upper NY state and are yet up for sale. Celadon is still roundingup quite a few.

    RELCO has 150+ tractors and do a fairly good business along with their SCRAP and equipment sales, well below national averages on OUT OF SERVICES and no fatalities in past 2 years.

    Been there a few times and its not right downtown Lockport but never saw a HORSE BARN ?
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    Reeltyme, so how long did you actually work for them?

    Did you ever take your complaints to Heywood?


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    I went to thier facilty and turned up the job after seeing the equiptment and finding out the real scoop on the pay, .26 cpm with .06 in bonuses dangled like a carrot in front of a rabbits nose. Also I spoke with many drivers while I was there, that is how I got all my information and turned tail and ran, as I said they are desperate to add drivers right now, but they dont want to pay a respectable wage. Also thier dispatch office is the farms old horse arena, the bunk room bldg is an old milking parlor convrted to break room and bunk rooms, its very obvious if you have been there what the buildings were they are not mistakable. As far as thier business you are right they have a hell of a buisiness, they are contracted to alcoa and GM, and have lots of work, thats why they need drivers so bad, It isnt that they dont have the work or the big money accounts, its they are greedy and ont pay the drivers for thier hard work, they are greedy cheapskates taking advantge of good men. That is why the milking parlor has rooms with kids beds for orientation people, too cheap to rent them a nice room and treat them with respect! Besides they know if you find out the pay deal wich they try to hide you will leave as I did and another guy the same day we were both to be road drivers. They get you in telling you .32 cpm and home every other day or two, all sounds great on the phone, GM and Alcoa great names good freight, as I said then you find out its .26 cpm with .06 cpm in possable bonuses its a rip off. Everything I say is the truth. Also they did purchase old priority eqt, some was getting Relco stickers on it when I was there, and as I said its everyones old miled out turn outs they buy up for new trucks, They have no new tractors at all! The sleepers on most are low roofs, they have a few condos they bought from priority but only trainers get those miled out pieces of crap. Oh yes and everyone has to ride with a trainer before they get a tractor its mandatory for 1 or 2 days, doesnt matter how much exp you have or your safety record. I have 15 yrs safe driving exp. and had to do it thats how I got all the details on everything, and thank god he told me and was honest so I was spared the waiste of my talent making only them money. Oh yes and my trainer had a union pention locked in he worked there because he is home every other day likes the run he has and doesnt need much money, he is doing it for another year till he gets social security. So if you want to raise your kids on wellfair go work for Relco youll be eligeable for food stamps working full time if you have a couple kids and a wife!

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    Well I have been there , have dealt with them ( they Paid right away and above normal rates ) on a few loads .

    Lots of other outfits in that area CONWAY were looking for solo drivers.
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    I drove for Richard E Lewis (relco) back in the '90's, when they had the old cab overs with the paper tape machine recorder thingy on the dash and when they would deduct money from you for going over 55- hard to believe I liked them, I was dedicated alcoa and went back and forth to cleveland, I was with the same guys everyday and we all became good friends ( most of them are my neighbors) it was hard work and long hours but the pay(for around here) was good. I did not like their equipment, if you had to use the brakes it was 50-50 if they worked and when ohio put the scale at the pa border on I-90 we had to detour. Lewis idea of a new truck was a fresh coat of paint on a third hand J.B. truck and they all had millions of miles on them, now he has old wal-mart trucks with a fresh coat of paint and millions of miles on them and the dedicated crew is down to just a few drivers, it will get worse for the company after G.M. powertrain closes up here. but all in all, i liked them and the only reason why I left was because I went out and bought my own truck again. I still see alot of the guys all the time and they say things have changed a little but the pay is still good and the work is just as hard
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    Even though Reeltyme posting is a few years old, I thought you might want the real scoop on Relco. My husband has worked for them for 15 years and wouldn't think of going anyplace else. We will never get rich, but he make a good living. When GM in Massena closed, he did not lay off a single driver- doesn't believe in it. If you want to work, you have a job. I got to see the terminal in Lockport last year, and it was great. They converted a farm and it's very peaceful. Yes, the bunk house has twin beds, but how many companies did you ever work for ever have one. It also had cable TV- did you use the remote?
    My husband made over $60,000 last year with them and will probably make more this year. They are a class act. They may not pay the best, but they take care of their own. One of the guys that runs with my husband had a heart attach and was out of work for 8 weeks, and Mr. Lewis paid him the whole time and paid his mortgage for the month. Yea, they may run older equipment, but my husband swears by Randy, the fleet manager. He wouldn't drive anything that wasn't safe.
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    Dec 11, 2012
    I live in Lockport and have been thinking about getting back into driving after an 8 year hiatus. Thanks for the input
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    REELTYME - My name is Treg Lewis, my father is the president and founder of Relco Systems, Inc. First of all, thank you for checking out Relco's main office in Lockport, NY, we're always looking for good drivers. My family has called this our hometown for 3 generations now, and we like it. You may be interested to know that my father founded Relco here starting as a milk truck driver - this explains why we live in the "sticks." We're now in terminals along I-90 in Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany as well as a terminal on the South docks in Boston, MA, with service across the US, Canada and Mexico. You're correct that we use a horse barn for storage on the Lockport property. My family grew up with horses and other large livestock - something that dates back generations. Regarding compensation, as DeiselDo5 noted on this thread, we feel that our compensation is fair and I'm personally proud that the company has employed thousands of hard working folks over the years. Regarding the trucks, Relco has plenty of new trucks and equipment along with some of the best mechanical staff in the area.

    With this said, I hope you were able to find the employment you were looking for. It's always a shame to hear such negative words from people who know little about the company and it's employees. We're a good group that works hard and complains less. In the 40+ year history of Relco, employees have always been the real strength behind the company.

    Treg Lewis
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    dieseldo5 and others are right.... good people and pay when I was at Relco back in early 2000s. Dispatchers keep you on the road and they pay bonuses for safe driving. i didn't make safe bonus (becuase i moved from area) but other drivers got paid good money just for no accidents! Guess some people on this post jus want to complain to someone!
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