Reviews of Sage in Ft Pierce, FL?

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  1. RancidZombie

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    Aug 15, 2013
    ocala fl
    Has anyone gone through Sage in Ft Pierce Fla. I'll be using my G.I bill to pay for the class. they claim to be a 1/1/1 school ( 1 student,1 instructor,1 truck )
  2. fr8te_sh8ker

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    Jul 8, 2013
    Sage covers DOT regs, logbooks, gets you ready to take your DMV tests, and they will find you a job if you make it past Day 3. As for driving, they are 1/1/1.. big deal.... as it wouldn't matter how many people are in the sleeper while you're behind the wheel, 1/1/1 just sounds better.
  3. MrMatt

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    Apr 22, 2013
    I would use that g.i. bill to go to school for something other then trucking. once you become a driver. you can't get out of it into another career field. starting drivers make maybe $26,000 a year over the first 5 to 10 years. every once in a while you might see a good big check. for the most part. drivers checks average $525 an 8 day period gross. you can only get 3 pay periods out of a 4 week month. and traveling expenses now are close to $200 a week. plus health insurance. and taxes. so the average take home is close to $252 aweek to pay the bills on and feed the family. if you go with a company the has perdiem. and you take it. you can't write any travel expenses off on your taxes. here's how perdiem plays in trucking. you get offered .36 cpm. .10 cents is perdiem. so you are making .26cpm before taxes. you can't count the .10 perdiem because it is spent money. to simply ad it up. it whole pay. you run 1500 miles for the 8 day period. that's only $390.00 gross. insurance for a family is $47.00 a week. taxes/medicare, s/s works out to be another $75 to $80 a week. . so $137.00 indeductions- $390.00 gross pay =$252.00 in 8 days. and remeber the $150 perdiem is already spent before you get it. that's a raw deal to be signing up for. so make for sure you want to drive a truck before you pay the school with the g.i. bill
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    Oct 22, 2010
    Have you checked into National,

    in Green Cove Springs ?

    Closer to you,

    and a better school, in my opinion.
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