Ritchie Bros. set for its biggest truck Houston, TX auction ever next week

Discussion in 'Other News' started by Chinatown, Nov 11, 2019.

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    That would be amazing.

    I was a crew boss for years particulary with my crew of CDL drivers moving trucks to and fro.

    Half need learning on auto, other half whose restrictions are ignored learn on manuals by me in a few minutes enough to move to barn and back to park it.

    The two oldest on my crew, I find them the old iron. You can offer them 4000 dollars for a hours work. But that does not make them happy. Sitting in say a 1962 Mack working out the rust on the dual sticks put a smile on one that was beautiful even to me. And smiles are not that particularly good on old people unless there is a hell of alot of sunshine driving it.

    He came back asked me if I can have this a few minutes. I pointed to our back lot and told him to hae it back in this spot when my tractor trailer pulls out of the barn as the very last truck rig on the block He got about 12 minutes with it.

    HE had it back on the parking spot dirt and all.

    Thats 12 minutes on that man's life worth 12 years. Im just happy I made it happen for him even though the owner and my boss chewed me out for a dirty rig. What did I do to the #### thing anyway?

    I just said one word.


    That shut them up. Finally owner asked me how long I had a A license? Longer than hes been alive at that time.

    IF there is anything else refer it to my boss, he'll punish me come the morning anyway. If there is anything to punish.

    And I clocked out. Nothing was punished, although I got a talking to and in exchange he got the real story. With a promise never to punish that old man. He didnt.
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    Ok this would explain all the equipment I saw over there Sunday night.
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