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    LARRYEDMOND Bobtail Member

    Jun 2, 2014
    No: Stay out of Tx. And Fl. You will set in Fl. or D/H to Ga. for a load. In Tx. you will just set. The best loads is to and from south Ca. no setting there. Best thing is not to work for Roadrunner. They will tell you if you do not have $10.000 in the bank you will not make it here.
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  3. Terrence90

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    Oct 8, 2013
    Macon Ga
    They have change so much now. I wonder if they done away with the backhaul dept
  4. amsn

    amsn Light Load Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    any recent info on big rock supposed to start over there tomorrow... I see a lot of old bad stuff wondering if they got anybetter?
  5. bighead34

    bighead34 Bobtail Member

    Jan 15, 2013
    Any info on truckload plus
  6. rob27230

    rob27230 Bobtail Member

    Jul 18, 2012
    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!! You've been warned
  7. Nanabooboo

    Nanabooboo Bobtail Member

    Jul 21, 2017
    I have to say--and I've said this to recruiters, load planners, you name it. Roadrunner has the absolute WORST orientation setup I've ever seen. Recruiters are sales people. Used car sales people. Nothing that comes out of their mouth is the truth. Just like recruiters for the armed forces (ever see levy Benjamin?) they will tell you whatever they have to tell you to reel you in. Ruining someone's life means nothing to them. They don't care!!! Kinda like a lot of you men out there learn at a very early age to tell a girl anything you need to in order to get what you want. Break her heart, get her pregnant, give her a lifelong disease--oh well. You told her you love her, there will never be anyone else but her---anything you need to say to get what you want. One of my personal favorite lines got to be "I think we're soul mates". If I had to count up the amount of soulmates I've accumulated----
    I did just have one thrown at me I hadn't heard in awhile. "I lost my number. Can I have yours?"
    Guess the old classics are coming back.
    Dealing with recruiters is usually the same as young women wanting her Prince Charming, finding one who says what she longs to hear, does all the right things to rope her in, then she finds out it's not a beast that turns into a prince. It's the other way around. Then you all have the nerve to say "you knew I was like this from the start", tell us we're crazy and need help. So anyway--the way these recruiters have done many of you--look at it this way---you've been training for this most of your lives. Just not the receiving end of it. Go ahead and bend over guys. Daddy recruiter's gonna show you what life's all about!!!
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  8. MysticHZ

    MysticHZ Road Train Member

    May 28, 2010
    Somebody's bitter ...
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  9. kimbosa

    kimbosa Medium Load Member

    Jul 4, 2011
    lufkin texas
    I had read that one twice, priceless!
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  10. scottied67

    scottied67 Road Train Member

    Mar 14, 2010
    california norte
    I thought the Roadrunner orientation was pretty good. They streamed it live from main office in Wisconsin to Atlanta, Dallas and Commerce CA when I went through. Each satellite terminal had a 360 rotating camera and audio. The camera would spin around very slowly 360 degree so Wisconsin could see us and we could see Wisconsin as well as all the other feeds.

    Concerning the bit about them recruiting by lying and not caring about your success, I would agree to that. The management and middle management are under tremendous pressure to show gains every quarter over quarter.

    When they figured out they could save money by not using outside carriers to haul their T2T freight, they locked down their IC's for days at terminals waiting for loads and would no longer allow them to seek spot market load board freight. When they did allow the IC to book that broker freight it was through the in-house RR brokers and it paid 94% of nothing. To be fair the in house brokers, if they want to continue to broker for RR had to produce something like $500,000 a year to stay in RR's good graces. So if a load pays $2.5x the in house broker offers the IC $1.1x and keeps the rest minus RR's cut off the broker.

    If the IC's truck broke down and he needed a rental truck, that was no longer unlimited, but limited to 2 weeks. So if your truck was in the shop for example, 4 weeks, you'd owe the full rent on the 2 week rental plus the full overhead on your own truck for an additional 2 weeks with no revenue coming in.

    Not to mention taxes child support and stupid high shop rates sucking all your blood out.

    Barely break even freight rates but everything else costs more. The last laugh will be when there is no more blood for RR to suck they will collapse on themselves.
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  11. Nanabooboo

    Nanabooboo Bobtail Member

    Jul 21, 2017
    Not bitter. But I am one of the very few that will tell it straight.
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