Roehl employment and car accidents.

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Jmydle, May 16, 2012.

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    This is true and since you were not a CDL holder at the time of the accident.
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    Actually guys, my bad. I was looking at another website, reading someone else's problems, about a defective truck, and unfortunately, I clicked onto this thread and responded.

    That's the trouble when you got more than one website going...!!!!:biggrin_2559:
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    "Because I got towed"? REALLY?

    Better re-think that rear-ended someone....guess what(?) were following too close, so at fault! Not because you got towed!
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    No it actually was because I got towed... The accident and the ticket for following to close were both on the application. Yes I listed the accident as preventable too. They asked for a copy of the accident report, which I provided, at that point I was told it was because of the towing.

    They had my DMV pulled, prior that so the only thing they could have learned new was the LEO's name and the fact the car was towed.

    SO yes, as it is the truth I will stick with it. :biggrin_25525:

    p.s. it was a case of hydroplaning into the car in from of me at a red light. She was not knocked into the car in front of her, there was less than $1000 damage to either vehicle, no air bags, no injuries, etc... A minor fender bender. All that was noted in the report also.
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    My appoligies for falling into that little echange
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    how come mine always gets closed when i misbehave????? NO FAIR!!!!!!

    *Stomping foot*
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    Just see what they say. No one on here including myself will know the answer.

    Roehl is self insured for the most part, they may accept you, they may not. Like numbers said, have a plan B!!! Apply to multiple companies. I put all my eggs in one basket with roehl cuz i didn't wanna work for anyone else, but I had a good record. If i were you id apply to multiple places!!

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    I'm curious what I even said
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    Keep looking for sure. I'm sure safety will look at all aspects of the accident to make a determination. I know ours would. However, most safety departments will classify almost all accidents as preventable. Unless there's an act of nature like a rock slide you might want to consider the accident as a bad mark and go from there. Just be truthful and let the cards fall. Don't try to justify the accident because it will only make it worse. DO NOT assign blame even if you are to blame. Let them do that.
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