Russian Crooks

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  1. ProfessionalNoticer

    ProfessionalNoticer Road Train Member

    Apr 25, 2021
    I would like to warn my fellow drivers that LB Inspire/MDJ Express/Skiff Express attempted to molest my dog while holding naked pictures of Vladimir Lenin.
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    DRTDEVL Road Train Member

    Jan 27, 2013
    Austin, MN
    I never said anything negative about other nationalities, aside from telling you the standard American can't tell the difference between a Russian and a Lithuanian as you all hail from the original Russian Empire, thereby exhibiting many of the same physical and cultural traits.

    Anyone can see your Google Reviews. This tells me that you are here on behalf of MDJ Express, Mr Vaitekunas. Why the "Williams," anyway? Now if that happens to be the accurate review, why is it that some of the other reviews are:

    "I’m in belief majority of the good comments are written by the company. It’s a scam through and through. I’m a Trucker with a pretty good record. I’ve dealt with enough to know what’s good and what’s bad. Their safety rating is horrible and they use trippaks that go missing. A couple more things as well contact me I’ll explain I have a open case On then I can’t speak on it here. Oh they’re also inspire they share the name like a lot of companies do"

    "Worst place ever to work! These people will rob you in your face. This is not somewhere you'll want to work to take care of your family. These people are evil, and I pray for the owners of this company."

    "One of their drivers backed into my car and refused to give insurance info. Can’t get ahold of anyone."

    "Scam listen or you will regret it"

    They can't all be wrong...

    Now, let's view some of your positive reviews:
    "Amazing company to work for! This negative reviews must be from the competition! Take it from me, this is a company you want to work for !"

    Let's look at this guy's review history... OOPS! He has four total reviews, the most recent review was for a bar in Lithuania, followed by the glowing review for your company. Another for a restaurant in Lithuania. And one for a bad broker. This reeks of OFFICE SHILL, and apparently the top review is accurate about office staff trying to pump up the ratings.

    Next up, a DJ Service:
    "Amazing staff to work with !"
    Note the same odd space between the last word and the exclamation point? What are his other reviews in the past year? Oh, two restaurants in Lithuania. Another one in your office, perhaps? Or just a family friend trying to pump up the reviews?

    Another person (Guy? Girl? Not sure, not going to try to assign a gender to the name). Just left 5 stars, but no words? What other reviews did this person leave? Oh, a campground and a moving/storage company, both just happen to be in Lithuania.

    I spy another 5-star with no words. this one is from someone with a saying for a name instead of the name itself. Let's see what other reviews this person has given. Ah, yes, one for a boat launch in Lithuania. Coincidence?

    THIS SPECIFICALLY is why foreign-owned Chicago companies have a high bar to meet in order to be considered legitimate. Fake reviews. Random 3-letter name. Illegal 1099 pay for company drivers. Holding "escrow" or "deposits" from company drivers under their illegal classification.

    If it were really such a great place to work for, you wouldn't need to use any of those tactics to get people in your trucks, as the drivers you have wouldn't be leaving in droves. That's a LOT of google reviews for a company with only 3 trucks...
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  4. Lonesome

    Lonesome Mr. Sarcasm

    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    The plot thickens......
    Mr James......Care to elaborate on this?
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  5. Geekonthestreet

    Geekonthestreet Medium Load Member

    Jun 27, 2021
    Mr James knows Microsoft Excel! He could manage a warehouse!
  6. Diesel Dave

    Diesel Dave Last Few of the OUTLAWS

    Jan 20, 2010
    Hesperia, Ca.
    I’m sold. Are you hiring ? Where do I sign up ? Bonuses, W-2, Insurance benefits?
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  7. LTL Bull

    LTL Bull Heavy Load Member

    Mar 12, 2020
    I can only picture a certain skit from a certain TV show years ago saying “ We’re two wild and crazy guys” when I read threads like this. Wonder if akroyd and Martin owned a chiraq area trucking company before they made it in acting
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  8. N00bLaLoosh

    N00bLaLoosh Road Train Member

    May 13, 2021
    Novi, MI
    I really want to see the spreadsheet with all of the demands.
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  9. BigYeeYeeTrucker

    BigYeeYeeTrucker Bobtail Member

    Sep 25, 2022
    I made an account after years of just browsing for this right here I want to see them too.

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  10. lual

    lual Heavy Load Member

    Oct 22, 2020
    SW Georgia

    :biggrin_2559: :biggrin_2559: :biggrin_2559:

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  11. Bumper

    Bumper Road Train Member

    Feb 8, 2008
    Kingsport, Tennessee
    He forgot to tell us what shade of white the Volvos are and which side of Chicago they are in....
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