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    East Central FL

    In florida it is often hard to find a place to park a tractor trailer. Often enough, many business such as Walmart and Target will let you park overnight but will not on a 34hr reset. Therefore, I have decided to create a list of safe places for truckers to park in FL.

    Brevard County, FL

    Pilot at 520 and I-95:

    Limited parking and is usually full. They do not mind extended parking (more than one day) as long as management knows. Papa Johns delivers to here and there is McDonalds on the opposite side.

    Walmart at wickham Rd:

    This rest stop has space for 10 tractor trailers and since Walmart owns the properity, it is wise to let management know if you are on a 34hr since they can tow you away if you stay over one night. Perks include a Walmart and Target within walking distance. Also, you have a Subway, Crackerbarrel, and a Burger king within walking distance as well. Papa Johns, Bizarros, Pizza Hut, and dominos deliver to here as well.

    These are the only safe places along I-95 to park unless you are staying at a Hotel in the area for a 34hr. If you are, try the Wickham road hotels and the ones off 192 before Palmbay Rd. Keep in mind there have been no truck theft in the areas I mentioned. You can PM me for more information.

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    Nov 20, 2009
    Orlando, FL
    In the Orlando area really nowadays the only place to park is that craphole t/s on OBT,
    i used to park in the old K-Mart near my house but got a tow, Orlando Code enforcement is very strict, central florida is not very truck friendly
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    Aug 2, 2011
    im new to trucking and will be looking for a place to park near ucf in orlando, any info would be helpful.
  4. 123456

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    Oct 22, 2010
    All kinds of room off 50,

    towards bithlo.

    That isn't too far...........
  5. fortycalglock

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    Tourist Town, FL
    Orlando is pretty unfriendly towards trucks. I don't think you'll get any answers out of OCSO or OPD. Bithlo is your best bet for nearby parking. You'll probably have to pay a business owner when you do though. Burlington Coat Factory will tow you, but you might have luck at BJ's in the vacant lot (neither safe nor secure though). I believe there is a daily pay lot at I95 and SR50 but I don't know anything about it and would be leery due to the spike of crime sure to come in Brevard thanks to the end of STS.
    I gave up on nearby or free parking and I live off Alafaya. I park off Landstreet by the auto auction and pay monthly. It's safe and secure and if I take a few extra days off, I don't have to drive over and pay like I did when I parked at the trash stop on OBT. It's close to all the major highways and truck parts stores, and I don't have to run 408 or 528 and pay the tolls.
    If your lucky, your future company might have a drop lot in Orlando where you can park. Several big companies do so it doesn't hurt to ask.
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    Feb 24, 2008
    You're right about the pay lot (Space Shuttle Fuel I-95 exit 215). But they're going to be shutting down operations soon due to lack of business. But my company does have a yard we use in Orlando. Gated, secure. Right off of OBT and the Beeline. Think I'll be parking there from now on. Only a 45-minute drive to the house from there.

    You figure there would be more truck parking available because of Port Canaveral.
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    Titusville, FL
    Yes, I-95 exit 215. Go East onto SR50 for a few feet and there is truck parking (large lot). You have to lay $25 for the week or $5 a night. There are hotels and restaurants near by. There's a Pancake house that has enough room for 3 or 4 trucks, usually room for parking, same area. This is in Titusville and there's not a whole lot to do once you're there. If you decide to park there, there are trash cans located around these areas where you would actually have to get out of your truck and walk a few feet (God Forbid) to put your trash.
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    Orlando, FL
    Great place to park truck in Orlando is Florida Gift fruit Shippers. They have 24/7 security guards, 24/7 access by gate code entry into fenced yard, Cameras, and lots of light at night. They are right off the 408 Expressway near Kirkman and Colonial-HWY 50. Tractor trailer parking cost $125/month and well worth the price for the peace of mind. They also have some spaces for temp. parking and small trucks.

    Phone: 800-226-8607
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    Oct 22, 2010
    Sounds almost kinda like an ad !!!!!!!!!

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