save yourself n family stay away from Buel INc. Chesnee South Carolina

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    Nov 17, 2011
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    Hi my name is Mia and i am a truckers daughter,and wife so trucking is all ive grown up around and all I know and I love it and have a great passion for it and the drivers of this industry!! My daddy trained my hubby and let him go about a year ago and we were off to experience trucking for ourselves.. We were contacted by Buel Inc,in Chesnee South Carolina a couple months ago and of course fed a dream by recruiters and now ill say shoulda listened to Daddy!! LOL!! Once we got down there we found out that it was only lease purchase and we shoulda left thebn but at the time we needed a job very bad so took it and Prayed it worked out!! Once out we found out that they only advance $20.00 a day even for new drivers to eat on even in their first round,but oh well maybe it'll help us in the long run,but boy was we wrong!! Not only do they not pay weekly or bi weekly u have to complete what they call a turn and go back to the yard in Chesnee to settle and get paid which is bad for people that live far away but again it was a job and we were getting great miles so keep goin! We broke down the 3rd day out and guess what broke down 5 more times in that week and the following week!! The owners Grandson Kenny Watson assured me and my Hubby that we would not be responsibe for the repairs since it was our first round! Also the 4th time we broke down it was in the Bannings Weigh Station in Cali,yes u guys the Bannings weigh station the worst in America! LOL and when i called night maintence and told them while my Hubby was outsidfe of the truck trying to figure out whick air line had busted the maintence man Dewayne cussed me and told me that he diddnt need to be ####### talking to me he needed to be talking to the ####### driver!! Man after that i had to Pray to keep my hubby level headed and lets jus finish out this round and get paid and we'll find anouther job! Ok so now u know alot of what we went threw here is the final ####### straw after 7986 miles and after the total bills sent in n paid we made $9689.00 so yall wanna know how much WE made 0000000... After the whole settlement them Devils said we owed them $744.87.. They charged us for everything from the fuel for the tractor whick we knew about but the reefer fuel for a trailer we were not purchasing,to .10 cents a mile for the tires that had extremely worn tread,and even $1.00 per log book!! Please for everyone that reads this thread I am not just a crazy pissed off trucker trying to bad mouth a company,I am a wife who's husband was done so wrong by Buel Inc and I pray that somebody reads this thread before they go with Buel inc and save theirselves and their famil the pain and the anguish!! God Bless to All and Be Safe out there!!
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    You were needing a job and you "traveled" to the yard and find out it's a lease and you singed the stupid thing knowing that there is NO lease out there worth your signature on it??? And from the sound of it you didn't get a lawyer to read it or call OOIDA for their knowledge of them?

    Then apparently that truck has some "issues?"

    You have what 2 years of experience But you signed a lease BEFORE inspecting what sounds like a POS truck? You could have told them how many tires needed to be replaced before you "bought/leased" it. Just because they throw a bunch of papers at you and then do not give you the truck of your choice when you find out that what you are about to "buy" is a rolling junk heap.
    And after 2 years you never picked up that it's a bad idea to lease a truck?

    Sorry, but you DID NOT need that job that badly! NO! You really did not did you because you lost what 3 weeks busting your chops and what did you get out of it? Another 3 weeks added to your unemployment or from the sounds of it a slam on your DAC if they do and that doesn't matter because when your next hopeful employer calls them do you think they will give you a favorable reference? That BFI will bend over backwards to screw you.

    Sing the mantra:


    Will you ever sign another lease before a lawyer reads it? Reason for a lawyer...Do you REALLY, REALLY think you can read a contract and fully understand it? The above that you wrote says no.

    One tip when posting in any forum. Please put your thoughts into paragraphs! It makes them easier to read instead of that flowed together mess!
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    Feb 18, 2011
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    Another person who found this forum to bad mouth some company? A one post blow out LOL
    I'm not even gonna read it.

    Were do you people come from? Is there a club you guys all belong to?
    The club "I'm gonna get a job, get screwed, quit, be surprised yet act like a already know everything and go to ttr to bad mouth them"? LOL


    And btw all you people need to use the space bar and take some basic writing classes.

    Who, what, were, when, and how.
    A start...a middle...and a finish aka closing.
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    Oct 10, 2006
    Buel has been leasing those black trucks for many years. I've never known of anyone ever owning one though. The closest I ever heard was several years ago, a driver was close to paying out his lease(or so he thought), but the original lease Buel had on the truck had run out, so it was traded in, and the driver either had to lease the new truck, or quit. (It seems Buel leases the trucks they lease to the drivers)

    They are know far and wide in this area. I've never driven for them, so my comments are hearsay, but I sure have heard plenty.
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    Jan 6, 2012
    i hear thers a lawsuit against them. mght help ya.
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    I called Buel a while back. And I was told that it was all L/P and a turn from SC to the coast paid $1100. Now, I'm no genius, but if I'm paying for the truck, and the fuel, and the trip paid $1100, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be broke at the start. You can't blame them for you not reading the contract or paying attention to what these things pay. They are one of the only companies to ever tell me before I even went on with things how bad I was gonna get screwed. I apprectiated the honesty (maybe wasn't meant to be that honest) and I decided to not even think about them. Brock's out of L.A. told me the turn was $1200. 600 each way. From SoCal to Boston. Lol. I said no Fn' way! And Western Express' deal was "we will only pay you .29/mile. But we have more miles than JB Hunt!!!" sometimes you have to pull your head from your rear and PAY ATTENTION!!!!
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    Aug 22, 2012
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    truck payment takes your check appointment times are set to far out, charge you for useing the tires on truck,do alot of sitting trucks are rust buckets with rebuilt motors which is the only positive thing here, have aton of paper workand have to do alot of #### to get paid take advantsge of new drivers that dont know any better
  8. fly by night

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    Aug 22, 2012
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    buel done went to crap since billy left and people are getting tried of being screwed over , i know one that just got them kinda makes you happy to not be the catcher but the allstar pitcher
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    Feb 1, 2013
    I'm starting to wonder if some of these posts are coming from someone trying to pull a good prank just to see how many people respond.
  10. fly by night

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    Aug 22, 2012
    ruffin nc
    nope its the truth they screw people over ,just waiting until someone gets them
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