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    Rare for the retailers give trucks enough room to make there life to easy, some better than others. But bottom line as a drivers we have to be able to nandle them all, good and bad..
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    I would advise against it. I was on the dedicated Tractor Supply account and at first I loved it. Pay was uncharacteristically-good for a big slimy company. I was regional, and most trips were over-night. I really liked the customer (Tractor Supply). Most importantly, I had Sunday off.

    Unfortunately, things degraded from there. The company recently acquired the account. Surprise, surprise, it suffers from poor management. I live in CNY, and was based out of Frankfort, NY. The current manager there is very malicious and vindictive. He replaced a very incompetent manager who I didn't trust, but was less malicious. His idea of making the account profitable is gutting the payroll. He also harasses drivers about doing unrelated backhaul. I'm sure the recruiters will tell you you get to deadhead back to the DC and the customer is paying for that, but the manager here keeps screaming about backhaul. I've heard rumours they are trying to implement a new pay-scale that would really screw drivers over.

    One thing that made life very difficult was starting the day in the AM, and then being forced to wait until 00:00-02:00 to start my next run. By then, I might have reset my hours, but there's no way I could get any sleep in a hot truck I can't idle, not to mention it being just a few hours after having woke-up. At first, this wasn't very common, but it became increasingly-frequent. When I complained about fatigue, I got a dismissive "you have to be ready to work whenever the load is ready", from a manager who went home at 16:00.

    I really felt like I was working for Andrew's and Jeremy's personal benefit, not even for Schneider or Tractor Supply.

    To be fair, the managers in Frankfort, NY probably have nothing to do with CO, but you can expect that kind of mismanagement. When you file a grievance with the company because you were illegally terminated or unfairly disciplined, expect to be ignored. When you file for unemployment, they'll tell the Unemployment office you quit, when they told you they were firing you.

    I guess the good thing is when they falsely accuse you of hitting a mailbox, and not reporting an accident, and use that as an excuse to fire you, they won't ask you to sign an accident report and it won't show-up on your DAC. It will just look like you took a 2-month vacation.

    Record EVERY conversation.
    Take snapshots of EVERY message.
    Run a dash-cam.
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