Schneider National, Orientation next month.

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    wow! spoken like a true Driver! Everything you said I agree with I don't type well but I can read and you couldn't of said it any better. I'm a local driver now and go from Colorado Springs to Denver and sometimes I do that 3X in a day but I always end up at home sweet home. I did OTR and that is a lifestyle in its self is challenging. I know the BS of a mega company as that is were I cut my teeth a few years ago.
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    Sni is not a bad company at all. I would recommend them. You are only a number to the people in Green Bay, your local terminal knows you on a personal basis
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    In my limited time at sni they were perfectly decent. I wanted a company that wouldn't put me in an extended team training situation. Looking back, I wish I'd had more extensive training in the truck; might have helped me feel more confident. My TE wasnt great and they wouldnt give me more practice time. And for my part I went ahead and tried solo anyway, which was my bad I guess. But even when I crashed their truck they were nice about it. They have zero tolerance but they were nice. (Mind you I haven't seen my DAC yet.) They even paid me detention pay for my final run, I have no idea why. Maybe time spent waiting for the wrecker? ;-)

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    Nov 26, 2013
    Sorry to tell you what the recruiters won't but I cant think of any major companies good for a new guy.I know you want a CDL for sense of freedom and or good pay I understand that. Be prepared to live like a monk on a crusade till the co gets all there money back.Low cents per mile,taxes and them taking drug test,physical,training,lodging,bus ticket to orientation etc.won't leave much for you to save or live out of.If your lucky enough to be able to pay up front thats what I'd do. I ended up running team thru CRST netted $237 for 32 days of Sacramento to Yonkers Ny. Took truck to cedar rapids for service and I grabbed my bags out of the truck and ran like hell.Anyway if you like it and can get used to living in a truck,DOT shakedowns,layovers,irate drivers,driving on snow and ice,navigating in big cities I say go for it! I dont know about Maverick you might check them out. I would avoid Knight,CR England CRST and maybe Werner. Check out Maverick,US Xpress and maybe Interstate. Avoid lease purchase at Prime. Hope this helps.
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    Aug 13, 2010
    My trainer gave me the option of getting out at a truck stop,and renting a car home.
    He was gonna sign off on all my papers,and cut me loose.I jumped at that one!!
    It cost me like hell to get home,then get my car home.
    I was just about ready to do anything to get out of trainer truck.
    It was the little quirky things that drove me insane.Whistling through his teeth,
    reading every #### sign outloud...Always talking..always..:sad5:

    I almost forgot the random unclaimed farts.I know he did it,he knows he did it,
    and Im about to puke.Can't rock the boat,he's gotta sign off on my paperwork :biggrin_2553:

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    Nov 26, 2013
    10/4 I can relate my tainer had 10 different Led Zeppelin tapes he played over and over nonstop. And he ate these weird sandwiches rye bread with some weird kind of meat and mustard on em.He was a driving machine a real road warrior.First day he drove all the way solo from Missouri to Terre A Haute Indiana didnt stop once.He squared off a 2 different drivers at truckstops during that month.If he wouldnt have signed off on me I would have been forced to get him in a headlock. Serious driver though he could back into any alley or dock.
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    Was his name Chuck?
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    Oct 31, 2011
    I've heard good things about sni. I say go with it. Wont be easy, just roll with it.
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    Story like that's GOTTA be true! Funny stuff, and well written. I can tell your experience absolutely ruined you---I will be happy to pitch in on a hypnotist to help you forget this trainer if that is something you'd be interested in. LOL! Great post.
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    Aug 13, 2010
    I honestly don't remember.He was about to retire.He wasn't a bad guy,just not my ideal truck trainer.
    He did move me out of the seat early one morning for a difficult back in at Purina.
    Then proceeds to mow down the side of a trailer.Hell I could have done that!! :smt038
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