Self employment a problem getting hired with a company?

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  1. Jenn72

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    Jun 7, 2019
    Hi maybe I can help. I was self employed before becoming a driver.

    I looked into Raider Express. Two of my sons went thru their training. I decided not to go that route and went with FFE. I am happy with my decision.

    Now about being self employed. I had to submit my previous years tax records showing that my employment matched what I had written and I wasn't unemployed and claiming to be self employed. Being that I was still self employed when I was going through this process I had to also send in my up to date financial records. For me it was my account receivables & payables. They didn't care about how much income it was. It was to prove that I actually was still running my business and when my projected closure date was.

    I had no problem getting hired.
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