Seven Trucking Companies Make Forbes 500 Best Large Companies To Work For

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    Trucking companies appearing on the list include:

    No. 159: Estes Express Line (No. 12 on the CCJ Top 250)
    No. 202: FedEx (No. 2)
    No. 226: Penske Logistics (No. 29)
    No. 311: Averitt Express (No. 27)
    No. 349: Crete Carrier (No. 25)
    No. 372: United Parcel Service (No. 1)
    No. 481: Old Dominion Freight Line (No. 10)
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    Hmmmmm... I'm a little shocked by the order of the companies but whatever.
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    What basis determined the order, pay, benefits, working conditions or whatever? Not having the "pleasure" of working for any of the named companies, I stand on the outside and "judge'. Having worked for union and non-union companies, local and otr, solo and team in the last 57 years, I would like to know just how does a business magazine judge a trucking company???

    In my opinion, the best trucking companies are history. When trucking companies were owned by families and not by corporations. When making a small profit each year instead of a "windfall". When an employee was looked upon as a "shareholder" instead of being viewed as a "tool".

    When Johnson Motor Lines out of Charlotte closed the doors in 1980 or Overnite got bought by Union Pacific and then by UPS, the best union and non-union trucking companies became history.
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