Seventeen People Hospitalized For Mysterious Smell At Truck Stop

Discussion in 'Truck Stops' started by Studebaker Hawk, Aug 19, 2019.

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    I would like to respectfully disagree. I blame e logs lol
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    I'm sorry. I thought flushing it would make it go away.
    My wife complains about the same thing.
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  3. long before IWX actually it was MNX crazy Fred's was a good place to stop now it ain't worth a darn...I didn't know the tweakers made it over to the Petro..
    I thought they hung out closer to town like they're the old Flying J on Andy Devine and the sorry old ta once a nice 76 back in the real days Trucking
    haven't been out there in about 7 years is the snowbird truck stop still next to the Petro? I know the beacon chain long gone they used to be good rundown crapholes
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    Well actually CTI and IWX mf were partners back in the day, dirt haulers in Indiana, then they at some point had a falling out, At least thats what Mr. Coulter the owner of IWX mf told me. Its his company so he should know, I think MNX was purchased by SWIFT.
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    Actually, that TA is one of the BEST TA's I know of.

    (And that should tell you exactly how I feel about the bomb-cratered, broke-down, understaffed hellholes that TA cleverly disguises as truck stops.)
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    Your talking about Kingman, wow we must have been in different places.
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    I think those beacons were run down hell holes before they had time to run down. lol
    I was at that petro one night and for some reason got up and sat in the drivers seat fairly late, but before I sacked out. I noticed a glow coming from a cigarrette and their was a gal siting in her drivers seat on the left side of me having a smoke, BUTT NAKED. I didn't look though.
    I forget the name of that dump across the interstate, but I stopped in there late one night and had to run a coyote jip that had pups somewhere away from the door just to get in. They said the cook fed gher scraps. lol
    I bought a coffee cup at Crazy Freds, that said crazy freds whorehouse on it, it didn't impress my wife much, I don't know what ever come of it. lol
  8. yeah there was the Petro at exit 66 and then you had the snow bird which was the Texaco in front of it the old crappy Beacon was on the other side going up the hill..
    yeah I remember that like it was nothing at all there was a horrible Beacon over there in Colton California I never like there was one up on Interstate 5 on the other side of the highway wear pantyhose Junction used to be at Dunnigan..
    they all had good old choke N pukes inside until the whole chain got completely ran down..
    there were more but at the time I hardly stopped at them. I believe the old Beacon still stands over there it's completely abandoned but I think it's still standing up there at exit 66... I haven't run out west in six and a half years so I'm not really too sure..
    what I remember was when iwx bought out the old MNX terminal
    crazy Fred's and reinvented itself but it wasn't the crazy Fred's when it was crazy it kind of was more sports bar and they lost a lot of drivers became more of a meth head hang out
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    Travelers nowadays are weak — that place has smelled for eons — FMC/Simplot Phosphate plant is up the road a few miles and when the wind is right it can choke a hound off a gut wagon
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    This is gold, @tucker!

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