Sex based descrimination at Heartland

Discussion in 'Heartland' started by ogre99, Apr 11, 2015.

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    I'd do a little research and find somewhere else to donate your hair locks of love gets all this hair donated to them and then charges cancer patients for the wigs they make , there are a few other non profits that will take your hair donation that will NOT charge the patients for the wig
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    Don't worry in the very near future GTI will no longer exist. The smurf trucks are slowly having the Gordon decal replaced with Heartland ones. Heartless purchased a large number of old Marten reefer Trailers in order to phase out the Gordon reefers.
    Within a few months all Gordon trucks will be getting PeopleNet installed into the trucks replacing our QUALCOMMS.
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    I've donated, too. But I found out that they sell most of the hair donated and turn it into cash. Being a cancer survivor that *didn't* lose my hair, I thought it might be some kind of (silly) lucky charm for a child. I thought I'd pass the luck along. I was gutted to find out they sell 99% of the hair they receive.

    That's obviously aside from the point. Who cares if you have long hair? Go apply to a different company.
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