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    Feb 10, 2020
    I was looking for a job for more than 2 months since i left the old company, on forums and everywhere but a was lucky that a friend told me about this company.

    Danny from recruiting department was not pulling the wool over my eyes. To start with, paid orientation, flat pay training. They are very thorough assessing your skills and competence before they put you in your own truck. I was very impressed!

    They are a smaller, family owned place. 120 trucks. The CPM is not beatable with 6 months of experience, for me anyways. Health insurance, vacation, etc..

    They are pet friendly, and we joke about putting a mini horse in my truck with me. I get to take my cat/dogs regardless of size.

    I was put in a beautiful 2019 Freightliner Cascadia with 37k miles. I have an APU, an inverter,pre pass and i dont have to worry about weigh stations or tolls.

    The miles are here. My first week solo i did almost 3,600 miles, with no pressure, and no one constantly "looking over my shoulder", yet when i had any questions they were right there for me a phone call away. I am in my second week driving here, and have yet to sit and wait any astronomical amount of time for my next run. I am constantly putting miles on my truck. They expect a minimum of 3,000 miles a week, and have plenty more if you want them.

    I actually love it here so much, the dispatchers are very professional, i can go home whenever i want, they find me loads from nowhere going home.

    I knew that the trucking industry couldn't all be like the first company, and I am so glad I made the switch. A happy driver is a motivated driver!

    Thanks for letting me add this, I'm quite shy, even online, but I had to give C1 Transportation props, because they restored my faith in a career I love doing!
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