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Discussion in 'Gless Bros Foodliner' started by im6under, Sep 16, 2010.

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    From truck 204108:

    Questliner and Foodliner are ripping in so much business we just don't have enough drivers to pound out all the miles.

    In an effort to fill the new openings Corporate has taken to bribing new drivers and old alike with a $3000.00 bonus to get it all done but you have to hurry because the program expires on 10/31/10.

    Its a 50/50 split between sponser and new guy. Hire on by 10/31/10 and you get $750.00 each after 6 months and another $750.00 each at your one year anniversary.

    So as not to flood Corporate with piles of paperwork from unqualified squirrels and knuckleheads:

    Yes, they will train you to run the equipment but that's assuming you are trainable and already have 3 years of over the road experience in an 18 wheeler.

    It's also assuming you have a good "reasonable" DOT record.

    Nobody is perfect but you know what I mean, if you wrecked your last three trucks and have been working for a managerie of a dozen different companies with 2 log books...??? Well, you might just need to skip this offer.

    Tanker yank'in isn't for everyone but if you're one of the guys looking to step up to the next level of hauling it definately has its perks.

    Higher pay, more miles, more hometime, usually empty return home trip, and no waiting at the shipper/receiver for hours on end for free...

    $20, or is it $25 for unloading??? I .40 cent per mile... paid vacation and holidays, 401k, insurance, plus $72.00 for sunday delivery.

    50-75k annually. I don't like playing trucker so I'm home virtually everynight out of my terminal.. 50-60k range.

    Got a few buddies working south of me... they stay out all week and are on the 75k+ end of things. Working for living...ewww... Those guys are real truckers.

    Email me or call Corporate if you're seriously looking for a change.

    Remember, no squirrels or knuckleheads, we have a safety record and image to maintain.

    ohhh yeah... and they do owner/ops also... $1.25 loaded $1.00 mt plus fuel surcharge. not sure about the bonus for owner/op but seems they said it applies also...

    that's it for what it is...:biggrin_2558:
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