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  1. ChanginLanes

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    May 9, 2024
    Hey guys, my name is Jesse and I’m in the great state of North Carolina. I’m new here so please bear with me because I can’t find any other threads or replies on this situation. Can someone lead me to any good information on whether or not there will be any difficulty getting hot shot loads if I have a prior one year suspension in the last 3 years for a breathalyzer refusal? I’m weighing the odds of getting a hot shot truck, trailer, and business but I have a refusal to a breathalyzer on my driving record from March of 2022 and I don’t want to spend a lot of money starting the business if I can’t get any loads. I have my cdl-a license and was originally charged with DUI in my personal vehicle but all of my charges were dismissed and expunged for no probable cause after being pulled for speeding. Unfortunately the refusal suspended me for 1 year and sticks to my MVR. After the year was up I had my cdl-a reinstated and have a current medical card. If I am starting a hot shot business will this prevent me from getting loads even if I use load boards? (I have already been quoted for insurance and they said I will not be denied the insurance and it doesn’t seem to be too expensive.) Any information or direction would be greatly appreciated.
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    Jul 26, 2009
    Brokers won't be looking at your mvr so it won't matter.
  4. talltrucker61

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    May 28, 2024
    Robstown Texas
    can you recomend a good (Cheap) processing agent for filing a Form BOC-3
  5. Bigjontrucking

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    Jul 10, 2024
    Hello. I'm looking for a company in florida that would be able to lease me under their DOT and MC number and insurance. I'm looking to get on the road asap. Can anyone recommend or point me in the right direction. Thank you.
  6. Chinatown

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    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    Also, put your information on these two threads:
    Trucking Jobs
    Seek Employment
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  • Truckers Report Jobs

    Trucking Jobs in 30 seconds

    Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.