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    Alright, I finally have a chance to post my experiences here! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL!! This school is state funded, and has to go by state guidelines. My instructer is a vary "real world" person. Tony evans is his name. My first week here we did classroom. This consist of helping you with studying for your temp/endorsements test. I have four great guys in my class that really buckle down,and are serious why they are there. Also they make sure YOU GET YOUR C D L. What i mean by this is if you fail your driving test, you get to go back and try again.the only cost is another test recipt for the road test or skills part that you bombed. Try another school and fail. they will charge you for the use of their truck and who knows what else. the equipment is what you would expect for student training. It is all safe,roadworthy equipment, just not shiny new petes or kennys. I am attending the campus in wilmington oh. We do our skills practice next week. I will try to keep everyone up to date with what we did. I take my temp/endorsement test tomorrow.:biggrin_25523:
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