Speeding ticket in Palestine, TX, Anderson County

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    he has to do a yearly report for you regarding any infractions he obtained during the year.

    so i think it's possible, your insurance company will see that form he has to fill out?
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    It could be something as simple as just not seeing the change in speed zone sign I've done this many times so was not speeding on purpose however I find the best way the county can fix this unless there deliberately making it a speed trap is by painting the change in speed on the actual road then there is no excuse for the driver if he gets pulled over for speeding.
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    I'm not sure about that. I thought there was a database that all insurance companies check every year at renewal automatically. At least that is the way it is with my personal insurance. I've only been in business for 9 months and that was one of the first things the auditor went over at my first safely audit... But that was before the ticket.
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    Have him call someone like Roadlaw and talk to them. They only do truckers tickets.
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    You want to talk about putting words into someone's quote that they never used. I NEVER SAID THAT YOU SAID TO DO THAT. I was saying make sure you know to not do that because it's a common problem.
  6. it's pretty easy he's down in Palestine Texas he's probably late getting the Walmart didn't want to have to reschedule.. maybe I'm wrong but that sounds like a scenario to me.. 62 in a 45 to big one that's going to be a lot of points..
    he's just lucky it wasn't a work zone because the cop could if wanted took his CDL from him technically 14 over the limit is considered reckless driving in a commercial motor vehicle he was lucky..I would call Brad Klepper up there in Oklahoma City at Interstate trucker and ask him for guidance.
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    Generally you hit the 2 lanes in Texas you better be on your toes, 20 mph jumps in the speed limit is common, and on purpose, not accidental. Waiting till you have 2 days to handle it is just stupid, now its too late, but you could of started off with call the court and get an extension, now you have enough time to figure out the rest. It will probably come down to pay the attorney, pay the fine at full price, and if your lucky the attorney will come back with a reduced sentence. A truck GPS would have just paid for it self set it to warn you 2 miles in advance of the speed changes, I use mine in all the western states works very well, still can not relax you have to pay attention.
    Also remind your driver speeding will not make up for hanging out somewhere too long, If he cant deliver on time legally then he needs to get dispatch involved not mash the long skinny thing.
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    Has anyone in here had a speeding ticket lowered to seatbelt violation and added to csa?

    I had 3 logbook violations. Only 1 was an actual inspection and made the appearance to csa.
    The other 2 were speeding tickets and never went farther then the court system.

    www.interstatetruckers.com also

    Because www.roadlaw.com doesn't serve the entire country.

    I had to use interstate on my last ticket.
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    I have had speed tickets reduced to seatbelt, and logbook. I think the seatbelt is better, but back in I think 2006 I had a speed ticket coming off the grapevine northbound, and it was converted to a logbook violation by the Lebec court, a couple of years later I had a 65/55 converted to seatbelt by Bakersfield.
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