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Discussion in 'Averitt' started by TruckinBear, May 10, 2013.

  1. TruckinBear

    TruckinBear Bobtail Member

    Nov 23, 2012
    Central KY
    Hi all. I start orientation this Monday (May 13). I will be driving out of the Lexington, Ky terminal. Are any drivers on here based out of Lexington that could give me any insight or info for this terminal? Thanks for any and all input.
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  3. Old - School

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    Dec 18, 2011
    Good luck TruckinBear, If you have the time keep up on your posts. I'd like to keep up with this thread. Drive safe.

  4. CDL1968

    CDL1968 Medium Load Member

    Sep 27, 2012
    I worked for Averitt Express for several years before I was compelled to move outside their hiring area due to a family issue.

    I started as a Line Haul driver out their Tampa service center. The equipment was excellent and very well maintained. The benefits package for my family and I was fantastic. In fact after working for them for a year I was deployed and the company paid the difference in my pay and they paid for my benefits package while I was away. When I return the whole service center met my unit at the airport and then had a party for my whole unit at the service center. I work Line Haul another year before becoming a Combo driver which I did for 2 years before moving

    Pro & Cons when I drove Line Haul: I would be home every weekend like clock work, normally I drive 400-500 miles per day and staying out on the weekend was normally a waist of time only driving 500-700 miles for the weekend, I did learn early on that sometimes you could make more money working at the service centers. I would arrive at a service center and tell them I was a Line Haul driver and I had nothing to do and ask if they needed any help. Most service centers would jump at the chance to have you work the docks, spot trailers, or even run a local load. The pay for working LTL when I was there was $19.96 pr. hr. and would come as different check or direct deposit. Some of the larger service center would also have work on the weekends.

    Pro & Cons when I drove Combo (local): again the equipment was excellent, I never worked the weekends unless I wanted too and at the Tampa service center there was always plenty of work to do. There was no slip seating and if the night shift had time or the shop worked on your truck overnight they would fuel, inspect, and sometimes even wash your truck for you. They use to have like these 23 Points of Excellence for which they would rate your daily performance on. The drivers that had seniority or where drinking buddies with management would receive the easiest runs. I filled in for drive for week and had the easiest run, all his stops where within two (2) blocks of each other than he couldn't start his pick ups for two (2) hours. I on the other hand had a run in which I would have to drive 350-400 miles a day thru farm & mining areas of the state and sometimes have to wait for the receiver to come in from the field. Ten times in one year I was able to new customers and not once did I receive a thanks or even a high five. My second year I was assigned to deliver to the military bases because I had a military I.D. the guards would wave me thru verses a 2-3 hour clearance check and search of the whole truck. After a while other LTL carriers and parcel carries were dropping their stuff off with us to deliver on the bases for them.

    In short the money, benefits, and equipment were all excellent!
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