Starting with Henderson Trucking

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by lionman101, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Heathar

    Heathar Light Load Member

    Dec 30, 2016
    Sharpsburg, GA
    They've been in cahoots with Prime for a bit. Well over at least a year
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  3. breadtrk

    breadtrk Heavy Load Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    They have been a Prime contract carrier for about 3 years, now that they realize that they were only getting the leftovers and nopaying loads, they are moving back to their own freight and phasing out of the Prime deal. They used the cash influx from the Prime deal to update trucks, increase pay, and also bought another company, then sold off the crap part of that company and moved ahead with the dry van division, along with restarting their old refer business.

    All in all, I think they used Prime to get ahead and now are reaping the benefits. That Josh kid is a freaking genius. If I were ever to go back company, Earl Henderson will be the first door I knock on. I have a son that drives for them.
  4. lionman101

    lionman101 Light Load Member

    May 2, 2015
    perrysburg oh
    Eh.. I'll bump up the post for some updates...
    Starting solo I was on Prime of course, got pretty good miles, around 2300-2500 or so.
    Since they bought Tennant sometime in November or one of those months in 2015, I moved over there in December.... Bad idea to do that near Christmas. WTH was I thinking...

    Miles for Tennant averaged around the same... I ended up having less a few times here and there.. They sent a fleet message several months ago, about a new pay rise.. If I remember correctly, its now at .41cpm..
    They have a new bonus system... (my memory sucks sometimes.) Don't remember all the details, but mainly if you keep up with the Impact Training they have us do, and have on time loads, you get .01cpm or an additional .02 cpm... Then of course the usual fuel economy bonus.
    They have breakdown pay... It may have been around $50 a day, more or less... I had to pay for my hotel, when my truck had a regen issue. Was able to get money back for it, you just need to call the shop.

    Shop hours were changed so people can get in and out "faster." IMO, it didn't seem fast... I also saw about 6 bobtails waiting to get serviced and had to wait till tomorrow.

    For anyone that may be looking at this company, and possibly wasn't mentioned... Here's a break down:

    Company drivers: Governed 62 (pedal) and 65 (Cruise)
    Leased: 65 governed and cruse.
    No idle for company drivers (Though I'm sure there are some company drivers that still have idle. They just don't do anything till the boss sees you idling) They could give a rats ### if its 79 degrees and you said its to keep the truck cool, or to heat something up and need the power so it doesnt kill the battery... They don't care.

    Fuel - Only Pilot/Flying J - BUT only ones they want you to go to... I was told the first time it was a false alarm and to not worry about it.... Only I get an email going to other Tennant drivers that we're to use it no matter what, or that extra fuel cost we used, comes out of our check.

    Lease for Tennant:
    They mentioned they have a plan for older trucks so your lease payments would be smaller, (around $500 a week or so.) Newer trucks run around $700-$800 (If it has an APU)
    Annnd, if I didn't lose the paper with the prices when I moved trucks, here's what I remember:
    Excessive mileage penalty: .05 cpm
    Stop pay: $40 per stop
    Layover: $100 after 24 hours. $50 for company drivers, but don't count on it...
    Then the other good stuff, like insurance, plate, etc... I did a video on their lease plan, and did a calculation... Most likely after all of those payments you'll almost get the same as a company driver.
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  5. breadtrk

    breadtrk Heavy Load Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    Yep, looks pretty darn spot on to me. It's just your average run of the mill trucking company. The lease isn't great, there are many that are better. The main problems with the lease are the maintenance account and that you have to let their so do the work. That shop sucks, no nice way to put it. Maybe now that Nelson is running it, things might change. They have one really good mechanic that gets it but for whatever reasons they don't get him.

    If you are company and stand your ground and stay on top of your dm , you can do OK.

    I'm not dissing the company, they're simply not bad nor outstanding.
  6. wcherron

    wcherron Light Load Member

    Feb 24, 2015
    It’s amazing I started this post as someone just coming into driving a truck and now just a few short years later I’m pulling some of the longest and heaviest loads on the highways (bridge beams) as a owner operator.

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  7. stacks

    stacks Road Train Member

    Oct 27, 2011
    Emerald Isle
    Way it go driver
  8. Chinatown

    Chinatown Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    I remember you from way back then. Does Henderson still exist? I think they're Trekker now; does Trekker hire new cdl school grads?
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