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    Aug 31, 2022
    Hello new friends!

    Forgive me, as I am personally not a truck driver, but rather a truckers son looking to make his living space on the road decluttered and as streamlined as possible. For clarity purposes, he has a 2019 Freightliner Cascadia with the large sleeper.

    Currently, my dad has a JJ Keller Encompass ELD setup that runs through an iPhone mounted on his dash. He then has a dash camera (unknown brand/model) that he has that has extremely limited internal storage, but yet he has no external storage configured. Finally, he has a second iPhone that he uses as his actual cellular device. The iPhone that he uses for his ELD gets it's mobile hotspot connection from the 2nd iPhone. Additionally, the 2nd iPhone (his main cellular device) is where he receives his emails, connects to his in-cabin printer and does all of his business stuff. He refuses to put the ELD on his main phone as if he ever has to provide that to an officer he doesn't have his own phone in his possession for the duration of the stop.

    My question is this: how can I make all of this function from a singular iPad (really want to keep him all within the same ecosystem so that skills learned on one device easily transfer throughout the whole electronic spectrum) while adding in the ability to listen to podcasts such as Kevin Rutherford and Dave Ramsey?

    My thought process basically boils down to the description that follows, but I'm hoping someone has done it already and can confirm it's legitimacy. Ideally, he has two devices in his truck to control everything: his personal iPhone and an iPad. The iPhone functions simply as a phone (plus email) and a mobile hotspot for the tablet. The tablet would then have his email account, a spotify account (simply because we all have a family spotify account, not anti-Apple music), the Rutherford and Ramsey apps, an app for his dash camera and connectivity to his printer. Additionally, I'd like to have external storage for the iPad to store his dash camera pictures and "moments" to by default so that it doesn't clutter up the internal storage of the iPad.

    This is something that we as a family are looking to do for him for Christmas and I'm really hoping there are drivers out there already doing this!

    Bonus points if you have great mounting options. I'd love to find a way to mount this tablet in such a way that it could tuck back in when not in use (like while at a truck stop) and then pulled out when he needed it, similar to a tv mount. He doesn't have a TV in his truck as he just doesn't enjoy TV, so reusing that space is a definite option.
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