Sunstate Carriers Tavares, Florida

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    Just started here.
    Put me in a trade in truck for a week to get me started since they were waiting on plates.
    1st trip out, apu went out & trailer tire started coming apart.

    Orientation is three days, put you up in a nice motel. Pay was reworked from what was told, a flat rate without all that bonus crap you never see, flat pay rate so you know what your getting.

    Pay is at the top end of 40cpm club.

    Owners take you to lunch two of the three days of orientation.

    Decent drivers lounge, shower, laundry. & 3 bunk rooms.

    Traffic lanes are Florida up I95 & I75 up & back.

    ELDs, bells & whistles in truck, camera facing out not in toward the driver.

    Trucks seem to be taken care of if drivers report problems.

    No slip seating unless they are trading in trucks.
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